Scientists are Surprised to find Mountain of Sugar inside the sea | Piles of sugar in the salty sea; Scientists in amazement

Wondering if there are piles of sugar in the salty sea or not … yes … Scientists have discovered a mountain of sugar beneath the sea meadows in the ocean. The equivalent of 32 billion cans of coke has been found in the ocean of sugar.

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology have discovered a mountain of sugar in the ocean.

Large mountains of sugar have been found beneath the sea meadows in the world’s oceans. A team of scientists has reported the discovery of the equivalent of 32 billion cans of coke, according to a team of scientists who say sea grass is rapidly becoming extinct.

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Scientists have discovered piles of sugar beneath sea grasses in the world’s oceans. This is because sea grasses are very efficient at absorbing carbon. Carbon absorption in the world is one of the best environmental systems to protect the environment.

Experts also say in their study that one square kilometer of ocean stores twice as much carbon and 35 times faster than land forest.

Therefore, when the seas around these meadows were surveyed, it was found that they had very high levels of sugar in their soil systems.

Manuel Liebeck, head of the research team studying at the Max Planck Institute, said the marine environment is 80 times higher than the last measured sugar level. Libec also estimates that there is 0.6 to 1.3 million tons of sugar in the form of sucrose. This sugar treasure is in the rhizosphere of sea grass. This equates to approximately 32 billion coke cans.

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Specially endangered sea grass

The report said that the sea grasslands are being destroyed very fast. Sea grass is considered one of the most endangered plants on earth. Grasses are rapidly becoming extinct in all seas. They also claim that one third of the world’s sea grass is already extinct. Microbes found in marine grasses help keep the ocean’s ecosystem functioning smoothly.

The phenomenon of rapid extinction of marine grass in view of climate change is a dangerous sign. Thus, there is a risk of rising sea level. It is noteworthy that marine meadows are a very effective plant for absorbing carbon. So if the fiber is destroyed, the amount of carbon will accumulate massively. This is a major threat to marine life

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