Serego Alighieri, ‘German newspaper attacks? Pretestuous and questionable

“The attacks on Dante by the Frankfurter Rundschau? Spurious judgments, questionable, senseless attacks. Who knows, perhaps Germany is sorry not to have had an immense artist like Dante. The tones, however, seem to me not very diplomatic”. This is what Pieralvise Serego Alighieri, descendant of Pietro, the eldest son of the great Dante, declared to, commenting on what was written in a recent article by Arno Widmann.

Count Serego Alighieri lives in the province of Verona, precisely on those lands purchased by Dante’s eldest son, among the cities linked to the exile of the ‘fugitive ghibellin’. In Verona, in fact, Dante was hosted at the court of Cangrande della Scala. “We live in the lands purchased by Pietro, who was a magistrate, for 21 generations, we do not deal with literature, but we live on wine and agriculture. We are proud of the name we bear, a great honor that we hold tightly to – he added – a great luck that we do not deserve it. But you know, Fortune often comes blindfolded “.

Count Pieralvise Serego Alighieri and his two daughters Massimilla and Marianna never wanted to exploit the illustrious ancestor in their business. Just a small parenthesis with a wine produced in Tuscany, ‘Bel Ovile’. “A quote stolen from the Divine Comedy and of course from Dante – continued the illustrious descendant – The ‘Bell’ovile’ is his Florence, his city where he hoped one day, after his exile, to finally be able to return”.

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