Seven years after it caused a storm: Tal Musari returns to where it all began

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It seems that the mythical presenter of the children’s channel, Moral Tal, On which most of the children now in their 20s and 30s are now growing up, will never grow old, even though he is already 46. Moral who looked exactly as he did on the day he first started filing, announced a dramatic move. As you may recall, seven years ago, the mythical host of the “Children’s Channel”, Tal Musari, announced that he was leaving the channel after two decades. He then wrote on Instagram: “It’s time to say goodbye and embark on a new path.”

The next day it was reported that Musari had left the children’s channel in favor of the rival channel, Nickelodeon. Musari’s move aroused great interest on the Internet and led to a media storm, and with it hundreds of humorous responses in which Musari was called a “traitor.”

Tal Musari (Photo: Rami Zranger)

Seven years after announcing he was leaving the children’s channel and moving to Nickelodeon, Moral Tal Returns to the children’s channel where he will take part in the new season “Shashtos”. The children’s channel’s mythological show, returns seven years after it went off the screen. The new season, which is currently being worked on by the children’s channel that will be broadcast on BIGI, will be moderated Omar Hazan andJordan Wiesel And it is already arousing great interest among the children of Israel.

Tal Musari (Photo: Israel Cohen)Tal Musari (Photo: Israel Cohen)


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