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She has been patient for over ten years, even overcoming the impasse of a pandemic that further slowed the race, to have a film of her own but, when the time came, Scarlett Johansson returned the honors to her Natasha Romanoff, which entered the scene in 2010 with Iron Man 2. Black Widow, the new chapter of the neverending saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the first of Phase 4, arrives in theaters on July 7 and from the 9th in streaming on Disney + with VIP access. And the actress, too executive producer, she made sure to give her superhero back the place she deserves in Olympus, including choosing the right director, Australian Claire Shortland. Pointing out a couple of things, even before the launch press conference. “It’s been ten years since Iron Man 2, I feel different as a woman. Reviewing it, as much fun as it is and has a lot of good scenes, I notice how sexualized the character was», Anticipated a Collider. Too much even for a fantasy after Metoo. “Now it’s different, girls get more positive messages. Nice to be part of an old story but evolving ». An evolution that, as happens in the Marvel multi-universe, makes very wide laps. In this case, it starts from childhood, in Ohio, 1995 where little Natasha lives with her parents, Alexei Shostakov or Red Guardian (David Harbor), her mother, Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weitzs) and her little sister (as an adult Florence Pugh ), Yelena Belova, the third Black Widow. We find her in Cuba, on the run to get away from the dark forces that would like her dead, then twenty-one years later in Norway, then in Budapest. Trying to neutralize a global threat and, at the same time, healing the wounds of a mysterious past. And of a sui generis family.

Because of Black Widow, not much is known. He remains the most mysterious character in the Avengers. We saw it inEndgame sacrifice himself for his companions. Here we start again for some time before. Black Widow is set after Captain America Civil War and before Infinity War, an intermission, explained producer Kevin Feige, fertile, where there was room to illuminate his past, present, and legacy in the future. “She has always been part of something – explains Johansson during the press conference to journalists from all over the world -, now she finds herself out of the game with every open road. She has always been blinded by this person who comes from her past and threatens her. Natasha here is alone for the first time, she has always been part of something, a victim of the Red Room, then one of the Shields, then of the Avengers. In this film, he has to go deep into past traumas. We have never seen her so full of doubts. I like her integrity, the fact that she isn’t afraid to admit her mistakes“. And his empathy and curiosity towards others. Particularly to Yelena, “a fantastic boring little sister who says all the hard stuff at the right times,” according to Pugh. Which in the film gives fans a remarkable curtain on the famous “Pose” by Black Widow. “It took me ten years to build this iconic pose and she took it apart in seconds!” Johansson jokes. Will it be his final farewell to the MCU? She takes it wide. “The Marvel world has been a large part of my adult life, it’s always a part of me. I am happy for my colleagues who are joining it ». But producer Kevin Feige reiterated that anything is possible in the MCU. Never say never, to put it another icon. As evidenced by the expansion towards seriality of the Marvel heroes, and the Loki-like series that now live in parallel to the films of the saga. And he already knows that Black Widow will have to do with the new Disney + Hawkeye series: an image of Florence Pugh, Yelena Belova, has made its appearance. Keep it going…

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