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NOVELLARA (REGGIO EMILIA) The very concrete hypothesis of strangulation, the father who after learning that his daughter Saman was killeda he almost faints and bursts into tears, the ruthlessness of the Danish uncle planning the ferocious crime (because the niece had refused the arranged marriage by the Pakistani family and he wanted to live Western) but then he too has a breakdown, and cries in the following days. The story that the sixteen-year-old brother of the girl who disappeared into thin air in Novellara told the carabinieri the day after being stopped in Imperia shocking. Words that almost make it seem like you are witnessing the murder live.

And in the meantime here are the frames of a chilling video, taken by a surveillance camera near Saman’s home, last April 29 (i.e. the day before the killing): they show their uncle Danish with two cousins ​​(one who was arrested in Nimes, France, a few days fa) that move at a brisk pace, picking up spades. For the carabinieri, who released the images, it would be the key proof that the three were heading to dig the pit where they would then throw the girl’s body. A premeditated fact, as evidenced by the fact that three days earlier, iOn April 26, Saman’s parents received airline tickets to return to Pakistan (bought from the uncle?). Also according to what was reported by the police, in the coming days, also based on the weather conditions, the electromagnetometer could be used to search for the girl.

Saman Abbas, the latest news on the missing girl in Novellara

Hasnain’s merciless coldness

But let us return to the tale of Saman’s brother. Danish Hasnain, the 33-year-old man accused by the prosecutor of killing Saman, on that terrible night in late April, would have moved coldly. Now go home, now I think about it I would have told the parents of the 18-year-old, Shabbar, 46, and Nazia Shaheen, 47. All under the eyes of the minor. at which point, according to the 16-year-old’s story, his father felt ill; but at the same time he could not afford to repent, because he believed Danish capable of exterminating the family. After all, they had entrusted themselves to him to solve the problem of their daughter – stubborn and feisty according to the social workers – determined to oppose the marriage arranged by Shabbar in the family. When Danish comes home, confesses to his sixteen-year-old nephew that he killed his sister; however it does not tell him where he has hidden the body. The boy senses, however, that his uncle killed Saman by strangling her, having no other weapons with him.


The uncle also cries, but does not reveal where she is buried

After his parents disappear, returning to Pakistan, the sixteen year old remains alone with his uncle in Novellara for a few days. Hasnain too would have shown signs of abating, they come to cry and try – always writes the Gazzetta – to cheer up the boy desperate for the killing of his sister. But Danish also brings out the threat. And he reminds him that he must not say anything to the carabinieri, otherwise he will kill him too. And he doesn’t even say anything to him when the boy asks him where Saman is buried, because he would like to visit her one last time before escaping.

Threats also to her boyfriend

But then there is also the other story, the one that Saman’s boyfriend tells the investigators of the Operations Department headed by Stefano Bove. It has already been said that just before the girl is killed she message with him with his mother’s cell phone, taken without his knowledge. Saman listens to her as they talk about her, about her killing. Then she goes out of her bedroom, asks Nazia for an explanation directly, which obviously denies, replies that she was referring to a similar episode that occurred in Pakistan some time before. The girl doesn’t believe it. I heard it with my own ears, I swear they were talking about me, she continues with her boyfriend. To which he adds: I’m not confident, if you don’t hear me for 48 hours, notify the police. The papers also reveal that the boy had been threatened by the Abbas clan. Even the intimidating attitude had also rebounded to his family members in Pakistan. And his sixteen-year-old brother was also unleashed in words against him.

The extradition of the cousin

On the judicial front, the extradition of Ikram Ijaz, taken in Nimes by the French police on the recommendation of the carabinieri, is awaited. Do you know where poor Saman’s body is? I will have to clarify this, given that the 18-year-old’s brother says that the day before the terrible night they joined Hasnain in the preparations for the crime., those caught by surveillance cameras as they headed to the countryside with tools. They were used to dig the hole to bury Saman.

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