SimAirport review for Xbox

SimAirport review for Xbox

You decide if you want to ride the New York airport or the Castellón airport.

LVGameDev LLC y Ultimate Games SA They have made the dreams of many of them come true. become the owner of your own airport with its latest title, SimAirport for Xbox consoles. This title puts us in the shoes of the owner of an airport where we will have to expand operations to keep the doors open and the customers flowing. We will have to make sure that we keep everyone inside the airport happy, both travelers and workers. This title was first released on PC in the year 2017 and now it has come to Xbox consoles.

Building the airport of our dreams

SimAirport has been developed for us to build and manage the airport of our dreams and this is not as simple as it seems. The mechanics that this game incorporates are really surprising because of how well optimized and thought they are. In my case, the first thing I did when the airport opened it was borrowing up to my eyebrowstake out all the loans possible and think that you could repay them quickly and easily by owning an airport.

This of course ended badly and the airport was nowhere near the size of Narita Airport, having to close it due to lack of funding. I came back determined not to become the new Castellón Airport and started with a small airport that only had a terminal and a runwayto be able to get some flights going and build something successfully.

One aspect of this game is that you have to think about your actions, since every action had a reaction and sometimes it was good and other times bad. My little airport isn’t anywhere near the size of Narita’s, but one day we’ll make it and I’ll be a billionaire, like Jesús Gil before he went to prison.

The tutorial will be our best friend in SimAirport and it’s really useful when learning how to handle the controls and button mapping. I’m used to playing these types of games on the computer and found it much easier with the mouse and keyboard, but once you spend some time playing it on the controller it becomes second nature. There are a lot of options in the game and like most titles you can remap the buttons if you feel more comfortable playing a certain way.

Sound and technical section in technical bankruptcy

The sound section would need a turn, since one would expect light and relaxing music to play while you build your airport, but there was nothing. I ended up putting on a podcast or some music while I was building. We will hear an occasional soundLike jackhammers as you build the foundations, or beeps as you click on something, but the silence that comes with this game gets on your nerves. Also comment that the title is entirely in English.

SimAirport is a very simple and straightforward title in its graphics. we are before an aerial view game with simple graphics and a mobile game aroma. Grass, for example, is just a green goop. It wouldn’t have hurt to see a little more work with the graphics of this title.


If you like games where you can make or break a business and you are interested in building the airport of your dreams, SimAirport is the title for you. It will keep you busy for hours thanks to its simplicity, but the addictive gameplay is let down by the lack of sound effects, music and graphics that at times look like a mobile game.





  • Fun and easy to learn gameplay
  • Lots of customization


  • totally in english
  • Extremely simple graphic section
  • No sound section


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