Street Fighter 6 brings back the ’80s (and feet)

Here are new recruits. At the end of Evo 2022 Street Fighter V The Contest, Capcom has revealed two upcoming characters on the roster. Street Fighter 6: Gorey, the returning “I Can Fix It” fighter, and newcomer Kimberly, a teen obsessed with the ’80s.

Guy’s disciple and Bouchenryu’s successor by tradition, Kimberly is brave and colorful with an affinity for spray painting her enemies in the middle of the game. Although Kimberly is a teenager and Street Fighter 6 Looks like it’s set in the present day, she’s smitten with all things ’80s, and carries a cassette player that some younger players might not recognize.

It’s as if Capcom realizes that in addition to its younger audience, there is a certain subset of older adults. Street Fighter Players rising from their creaking knees and aching backs as they watched the ’80s fondly. In this way, Kimberly is a goodbye and a reminder of simpler times. In other ways, it’s a pretty blunt reminder that those happy days are so far gone now that teens today are embracing the aesthetic because it’s oddly “retro”. Thank you, Capcom, for reminding me that I am ancient.

He accompanies Kimberly in the reveal of the character Gauri, a character who was first introduced in Street Fighter IV. Juri arrives in flashy fashion with a tribute to Akira He pulled the one who had a moment recently, because she was also used to an impressive effect on Jordan Peele no. Gauri looks a little more uptight than Kimberly, trampling her opponents barefoot, emphasizing in a way that makes Bob Odenkirk click “Like.” It’s always a good thing when companies seem to be embracing players’ thirst for their characters.

We’ll see more of Jury and Kimberly stories when Street Fighter 6 It will be launched on Xbox, PC and PlayStation in 2023.


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