“Include in barter”: Griner’s trial began

ONE System | 01/07/2022 13:29 Britney Griner handcuffed in Russian prison (Reuters) American basketball star Britney Griner appeared today (Friday) for a court hearing in Moscow, about four and a half months after she was arrested on charges of possession of cannabis at an airport while traveling to play for a Russian team. Griner was […]

Harden is out of his contract, Marie is moving to Atlanta

ONE System | 30/06/2022 00:35 James Harden (Reuters) The hot day that goes on in the trade market in the NBA does not stop. After Washington star Bradley Bill chose to step down from his current contract and become a free agent, now Philadelphia star James Harden is taking a similar step, only he is […]

Anchor was first selected by Orlando

ONE System | 24/06/2022 05:17 Paulo Ankro and Adam Silver (Reuters) Jabari Smith will go to Orlando, Chet Holmgren will be selected by Oklahoma and Paulo Ankro will arrive in Houston, NBA reporter Adrian Wozniacki revealed just hours before the start of the draft. The Magic selected Paulo Ankro, Duke’s forward, in the first place, […]

Golden State Winning Celebrations

ONE System | 21/06/2022 07:31 Stephen Kerry at Golden State Winning Celebrations (Reuters) Golden State rejoiced and was glad. The players of the new NBA champion held a victory parade on the streets of San Francisco on Tuesday morning to the applause of the thousands of fans who have been waiting for this party for […]

Kenny Atkinson will stay at Golden State

ONE System | 18/06/2022 22:57 Kenny Atkinson (Reuters) Did the championship change his mind? After already closing in as coach of Charlotte for next season during the NBA Finals series, Kenny Atkinson, Steve Kerr’s senior assistant coach will remain at Golden State next season as well, Adrian Wozniacki reported tonight (Saturday). Actinson has a rich […]

“Clay of Game 6” wants to shine again

One of the first things that pops into the minds of basketball fans when they are told the name Clay Thompson is “Game 6”. Whenever Golden State were with their backs to the wall and at a losing distance from relegation in Game Six, No. 11 in blue-yellow was the one who pulled them out […]

Doncic strengthened: Christian Wood moves to Dallas

ONE System | 16/06/2022 07:24 Christian Wood Celebrates (Reuters) A very intriguing trade was forged tonight (Wednesday through Thursday) in the NBA, with the Dallas Mavericks joining 26-year-old Crescentian Wood next season. The tall player (2.11 meters) who plays in positions 4 and 5 will be a significant reinforcement for the Mavericks’ staff and thus […]

Golden State is not just Steph Kerry

Although no game ended in a single-digit margin, the NBA Finals series between Golden State and Boston continues to produce great stories. In Game 4 Steph Kerry made a historic appearance with 43 points, putting him in one line with the greatest who played the game. Then came Game 5 which Steph finished with just […]

Third quarter: Boston – Golden State 65:71

A simply awesome NBA season comes right to the last line, with the Boston Celtics currently hosting the Golden State Warriors for Game 4 of the Finals Series. The Celtics lead 1: 2 in the series and know that another home win will bring them just one game closer to winning their first championship since […]

Quinn Snyder leaves Utah Jazz

ONE System | 06/06/2022 01:07 Kevin Snyder (Reuters) Utah Jazz coach Kevin Snyder has decided to leave the team after 8 seasons coaching him. The esteemed coach decided to give up returning to the team next season with two more seasons left on his contract, one of which is a coach option. The 55-year-old Snyder […]