Roskosmos will test glasses for the rehabilitation of binocular vision

One of the research and production enterprises of Roskosmos plans to test glasses to restore binocular vision. The device should help people with eye injuries restore a complete picture of the world around them. Testing will begin in 2023. It was originally planned that the device would be a digital glasses. Now the corporation is […]

Riyadh Newspaper | Oddities of science

Science proceeds at a boring routine. Scientists are working on research and proofs that sometimes last for decades, but there are stories in science that are very strange and break the scientific routine. New Zealand professor Christoph Bartnik received an email inviting him to submit a research paper on nuclear physics to a conference in […]

different symptoms in European patients

Published on : 02/07/2022 – 14:57 The symptoms of monkeypox, observed in Europe and America since the spring, are very different from those observed in African countries, where the disease was previously only present, according to a study published this Saturday July 2 in the journal scientific The Lancet Infectious Diseases. It could modify the […]

Rogozin: All Proton missiles will be launched

Russia will launch all the Proton rockets it has, and none of the rockets will remain unused, said Dmitry Rogozin, CEO of Roscosmos. In an interview with RIA Novosti, Rogozin said that the Protons are planned to be intensively exploited until they run out. Earlier it was reported that the operation of the Proton missiles […]