The app to go to the beach without queuing and at a safe distance

by time news – The bathing season has begun and, together with the desire for the sea, there is also the need to comply with the new rules and avoid gatherings. The bathing establishments are subject to precise rules and must first of all take into account the distancing, thus determining a decrease in supply in the face of a sure increase in demand, also due to the Italians’ non-departures abroad.

There is an app that aims to solve anxieties and logistical problems: Riva Booking, in iOs and Android versions, was designed for facilitate the reservations of sunbeds and umbrellas, but also of the other services offered by the establishments: table at the restaurant, parking, water sports, day on the boat, swimming pool entrance and any other service offered by the beach club.

According to a research by the XChannel company, 87% of Italians in the summer of 2021 decided to spend their holidays in Italy and, according to a survey conducted on a sample of 500 people, 93% of these fear queues and crowds: so here is that digital reservations become a fundamental tool for make the most of all the services that tour operators offer.

With almost 500 beach clubs in 11 regions – Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Molise, Liguria, Puglia, Sardinia, Sicily and Tuscany – and many other bathing establishments in the process of affiliation, find the ideal place for their summer holidays e plan every single day in complete safety it has never been easier.

“Riva Booking works like seat reservations when you want to go to the cinema, or like booking services in hotels: a simple and functional method that, in fact, is enjoying success among many beach clubs – says Yor Balini, CEO of Riva Booking, who created it together with Diana Danza and Ottavio Di Paolo – From April to today, dozens of plants enter our network every week ”.

Operation is simple: that’s enough select the location chosen for your holiday, indicate the preferred one among the structures on the app, select the services – sunbed, umbrella, deckchair, food, etc. – and proceed with the payment (on which Riva Booking applies a small commission).

In this way, with a few taps, everyone can plan their day at the beach in total relaxation, without the stress of waking up early to secure a place on the beach, look for parking or, simply, queue up to fill in the forms with their data. personal data that, in the Covid era, it is mandatory to provide. The affiliated sector operators, for their part, have at their disposal a tool for managing attendance, drastically reducing queues and waiting at the entrance. Not only that: in this way Riva Booking relieves the establishments from the burden of keeping paper documents with the personal data of the guests.


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