The European Commission warned of rising gas prices due to geopolitics – RBC

Rising gas prices ,


European Energy Commissioner Simson spoke about the impact of geopolitics on gas prices

Geopolitics will aggravate the already difficult situation with gas prices, they say. Energy Ministers of the EU countries note the uncertainty in the markets due to the situation around Ukraine, as well as the reduction in gas supplies from Russia

In the near future, Europe will face “unusually high energy prices” and this trend will be exacerbated by the geopolitical situation, European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson said during an informal meeting of EU energy ministers.

She recalled the record growth in gas prices over the past few months and added that the energy transition to cleaner energy sources will reduce prices.

“We have also focused on the security of supply [газа]Simson said. — Levels of gas in storage in the EU are significantly lower than usual at this time of year. Many ministers noted that the situation across the EU’s eastern border is creating market uncertainty and that gas flows from Russia have declined significantly in recent months.

Gas extraction from storage facilities in Europe fell to a ten-year low

At the same time, the European Commissioner stressed that the European gas infrastructure is reliable and well diversified, and the emergency protocols contain a clear procedure for action.


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