The FEEM at the center of student needs

The FEEM at the center of student needs

How can the Federation of High School Students work to fill the gaps in teachers, motivate students, and develop complementary activities that complete pedagogical training, were the central axis of the debates of the Assembly of the organization in the Rubén Martínez Villena Pedagogical School.

At the meeting, the teacher deficit was delved into and possible strategies such as hiring professionals in some branches were discussed. Even Leonardo de Armas Rodríguez, national director of Pedagogical Schools, urged them to rely on upper-year students and monitors to fill this gap.

Oytsa Longa, provincial deputy director of Education, called on the presidents of the FEEM to make a diagnosis in their classrooms of the needs and to rely on experienced teachers from the schools of Alquízar since all the educational centers of the municipality are annexed classrooms of this school.

In this regard, Yurisbel Reyes, a History student, said that her greatest motivation has been to teach classes, plan and do in practice what a teacher does, it is the opportunity to see the usefulness of everything they give us in class.

Yurisbel Reyes, third year student of the History specialty/ Photo: Giselle Vichot

Mention was also made at the meeting of the need for teachers to bond more with students and learn about their personal and family problems as well.

There are many extracurricular activities that can motivate students with children from nearby schools, such as music festivals.

“You as Feem are called to participate in the transformation of the neighborhoods,” Leonardo de Armas Ávila told them, a topic on which Yurisbel Reyes emphasized when talking about the satisfaction that they were given to support Guanímar beach after the passage of Ian .

More teaching and extra-teaching activities was a unanimous demand, as this contributes to motivation.

Jorge Luis Torres Barrios, director of the school a short time ago, thanked the criteria of his teachers in training and called for expediting the solutions after the diagnosis of each group.

De Armas Rodríguez spoke to them about taking advantage of the school grounds for self-consumption.


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