The iPhone 14 punctures: why Apple has stopped the manufacture of 6 million mobiles

The iPhone 14 is failing to meet Apple’s sales expectations. According to ‘Bloomberg’, a medium that cites people with knowledge of the company’s plans, the company with the bitten apple has made the decision to stop the manufacture of approximately six million units of the brand new ‘smartphone’, already that the demand would be insufficient. Despite the cut, Apple is expected to put 90 million handsets in stores in the second half of this year, about the same number it managed to ship last year. This is possible thanks to the good reception that the iPhone 14 Pro is having among users, the most advanced model of the brand-new terminal, which accounts for the vast majority of new features that the family brings, such as the Dynamic island, the always-on screen or the 48MP camera. Today, to get one of the Pro terminals in the official store, you have to wait about a month. Related News standard No They expect the great novelty of the iPhone 14 Pro to be present in all iPhone 15 RA standard No iOS 16: everything you need to know about the new operating system of your iPhone Rodrigo Alonso The drop in the number of iPhone 14 that Apple expects to join in the coming months has caused the company to suffer a 4% drop in the stock market yesterday. Some analysts, such as Ming-Chi Kuo, already pointed out just a few days after the launch of the new mobile that users did not seem to be showing a special interest in acquiring it based on the number of reservations made. Few novelties As we have said, the iPhone 14 ‘plain’ is a terminal that incorporates few novelties compared to the iPhone 13; it even has the same chip as its predecessor in the smartphone market, the A15 Bionic. Taking into account the prices at which the output terminal moves, which amount to more than 1,000 euros in the case of the most basic model in the EU, it is normal for many users to glance at the terminal and decide to go for something iPhone 13, even resorting to second hand. At the beginning of the month, coinciding with the presentation of the iPhone 14, searches on sales pages related to previous Apple terminals skyrocketed. According to information shared with ABC by the Milanuncios portal, searches related to the iPhone 13 grew by 46% on the platform. However, the iPhone 11 is still the most sought-after terminal on these sites by Internet users looking for a bargain. Buying a second-hand iPhone has an average price of €448, specifically, the iPhone 11 can be found for an average price of €439 and the iPhone 13 for €882. The Pros are a better business Apple has spent years boosting sales of its Pro and Pro Max phones with the goal of increasing revenue. And it is not the same to sell a terminal for 1,000 euros than one for 2,000, a figure that can exceed the most powerful iPhone model in many markets. According to figures shared by the ‘Wall Street Journal’, since the launch of the first Pro model in 2019, Apple’s revenue from mobile sales has increased. In the three quarters that the iPhone 13 has been on the market, the average sale price of the mobile rose 12% compared to the figures obtained by the iPhone 11. All thanks to the fact that the most advanced models have a higher price. Taking into account the few novelties that Apple has incorporated into the most basic iPhone 14, it is quite likely that the company had the objective of getting more users to pay attention to the Pro, either in the 6.7-inch screen model or in the 6.1. Less demand for smartphones The demand for smartphones in 2022 is not similar to that of a year ago. The increase in inflation, the war in Ukraine and the current economic situation have caused more and more users to think twice before making a significant investment in a mobile phone. According to data from IDC, the terminal market is expected to shrink by 6.5% this year. A few months ago, the analysis firm Counter Point the smartphone market had fallen specifically in Europe, only during the first quarter of 2022, up to 12%. MORE INFORMATION news No Apple will change the name of its Pro Max mobile with the launch of the iPhone 15 news No A week with the iPhone 14 Pro Max: is it really the Apple mobile you should buy? We will have to see what happens in 2023. If the trend continues downward and, if so, how it will affect Apple.


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