The latest and dangerous trend carried out by some companies

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2023-08-26 10:08:59

Many employees they spend years working in a company without ever meeting the CEO of the company. One of the traits of the multinationals it is precisely this distance between workers and management team: it is practically impossible for a director (CEO) know all your workers and, even less, that he knows the functions of each one.

Sometimes they are criticized precisely that ignorance: How is it possible for a CEO to run a multinational without knowing how they work? the most basic departments of the company? Before this business Paradox, Some companies are beginning to carry out a controversial practice in their work structures.

It is not something new. In fact, in Spain (La Sexta) it is broadcast un ‘reality’ dedicated exclusively to explaining examples of this practice in companies. The episodes of ‘The undercover boss’ unmask this experiment carried out by some firms: top managers camouflage themselves in lower departments to be ‘simple employees’ and get to know the companies from the inside.

The case of Lufthansa

Few days ago, Jens RitterCEO of the airline Lufthansa, published in Linkedin his experience infiltrating the flight crew from Germany to Saudi Arabia. “I was amazed at how much I learned in these few hours. Deciding things in the office will be different after really feeling the decisions on board”, he published after the flight.

He maximum responsible of the company recognized that I had never worked in that position before. “Sometimes you need change perspective to acquire new knowledge”he explained in his statement.

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A common practice in airlines

Ritter’s case It is not the first in the airline sector. This year there have been at least two recognized cases. In January, the CEO of Air New Zeland -airline that recently caused a stir with its initiative to weigh all its passengers-, Greg Froan, was seen handling luggage at one of the airports where the airline operates. also in may the CEO of the German company KLMMarjan Rinte, infiltrated the crew of an Amsterdam-Los Angeles flight.

Ethical and moral problems

The purpose of this exercise is, according to its executors, know first hand the problems that can occur in lower levels of the company for improve their resources and conditions, with the purpose of benefit the company and its workers. However, they are many criticisms I get this practice: espionage, “marketing” and even, in some cases, it is branded as being a dangerous act.

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Las ethical doubts generated by this practice respond to a abuse of superiority which should be unacceptable in a company. Multinationals have middle managers that, if the company works well, they should know how their employees work over which it has managerial responsibility.

In some cases, this action is considered as a way to look good in front of the public. Something similar to a “business marketing” to project a image of trust and responsibility of senior management relative to the rest of the company, and the service offered to customers.

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