The renovation of viaducts on the Madrid-Seville high-speed line begins

The renovation of viaducts on the Madrid-Seville high-speed line begins

2023-06-02 00:00:00

The reliability of the nine viaducts of the line as it passes through Sierra Morena will be reinforced

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Today the waterproofing work on the deck of the nine structures begins, which total 3 kilometers in length and follow one another in a stretch of 32 kilometers. These actions require lifting and reinstalling all the elements of the tracks (rail, sleepers and ballast).

The performance, which will conclude at the end of September, represents a great technical and planning challenge. Despite its size, the works will be made compatible with the maintenance of the rail service in one of the high-speed corridors with the highest traffic and its impact will be minimized. To this end, the actions are concentrated at night, when there is no commercial circulation, and work is done on a single track alternatively, so that there is always one track available for the circulation of trains.

Adif has worked with the operators on the train circulation schedules to adapt them to the section that will have a single track during the work, where for the safety of the workers the speed will be reduced to 120 kilometers/hour.

drainage reinforcement

More than a hundred troops and vehicles and equipment of different sizes (two locomotives, battering machines, lighting towers, four high-power railcar retrofits, among others) are working on this action as it passes through the province of Córdoba, between the Villanueva de Córdoba y Adamuz, framed in one of the main contracts of the comprehensive renovation program, such as the improvement of the tunnels and viaducts of the first high-speed line deployed in Spain.

In parallel, between June and July, the drainage of the line will be strengthened as it passes through Almodvar del Río. This action is carried out at night, so it will also allow traffic to be maintained which, for safety reasons, limits speed in this area to 30 km/hour.

Adif AV addresses the comprehensive renewal of the Madrid-Seville high-speed line with the aim of maintaining the reliability and safety standards of the last thirty years. So far, the company has mobilized more than 98 percent of the planned investment: 668 million euros out of a total of 680 million.

Update electrification systems

The actions are aimed at renewing the infrastructure and its different elements; the substitution of diversions, sleepers and ballast; the signaling of the line, including the installation of ERTMS; the updating of the electrification systems, telecommunications installations and energy of the line and led lighting in all its tunnels.

The works are carried out maintaining the railway service, during the maintenance band, that is, the early morning hours without railway traffic, which are used for conservation work. The dimension and volume of some of the works requires, on some occasions, to extend the maintenance bands; temporarily suspend traffic on one of the roads, maintaining circulation on the other; or temporarily limit the speed in certain sections.

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