The second generation of the Nothing Phone will be launched later this year

The second generation of the Nothing Phone will be launched later this year

Karl Faye’s Nothing company has already managed to launch two pairs of headphones and the phone (1) Nothing Phone which was launched globally and in Israel. Now the company is preparing for the second generation and according to the CEO this is going to happen during the year, including the company’s entry into the largest market which is the USA.

During an interview given by Fei he confirmed the existence of the (2) Noting Phone and that it will be launched later this year. Apart from that, he did confirm that the company will invest more in premium features, since the current one is considered an intermediate device to the upper end, but it will not be a flagship device and one that can compete with the leaders in the industry.

Fay also revealed that Nothing’s growth in overseas markets was far beyond expectations and claimed that it managed “almost 10 times” more revenue in 2022 than in 2021 – which also makes sense considering that the company only had one pair of headphones on the market in 2021. Only A year later she launched her first phone and later also another model for Nothing Ear Stick headphones.

Faye also announced that the company will enter the US cellular market for the first time: “We decided to make the US our priority in terms of markets,” Faye said, saying that the reason why the first device did not arrive in the country is related to matters beyond the company’s control.

Beyond that, it is possible that this year we will also see a third pair of headphones, and one that will offer additional premium features.


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