The state government has not gone back, the center has not given permission- Balagopal, kn balagopal, silver line

Kannur: Finance Minister K.N. said that the state government has not backed down from the Silver Line project. Balagopal. Central government has not given permission. When it is said that Silver Line will be implemented with the help of central government schemes, it will help the entire people of Kerala. He said that there is no point of recalling the officers anywhere.

At the same time, the state government had struck ‘U-turn’ from Silverline, which was declared as a prestigious project. The revenue department has issued an order completely freezing the activities related to the project. The department called back all the officers who had ordered land acquisition. 205 officials assigned for land acquisition in eleven districts were called back.

The order of the Revenue Department states that the social impact study need not be conducted for the time being and other measures will be sufficient after getting the final approval of the Central Railway Board. It is clear from the order issued by the Revenue Department that the government is temporarily withdrawing from all activities related to the Silver Line.


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