The Warhammer 40K universe is coming to World of Tanks Season VIII of Tank Crusade

May 24, 2022 – World of Tanks, a company, announced today that Season VIII of Tank Crusade will make its debut in the near future, and that Warhammer 40K will debut in World of Tanks. Car expedition, adding new elements to the new season! Players will be able to choose their favorite Warhammer 40K faction to fight on the battlefield, whether it’s an Ultramarine, Death Guard or an evil orc in Warhammer 40K.

The Warhammer 40K universe is coming to World of Tanks Season VIII of Tank Crusade

Season VIII will consist of three main chapters that players can complete in any order, each with 50 stages. Unlike previous seasons, each core vehicle in Season VIII will feature a 3D style with elements of the Warhammer 40K faction. For each chapter completed in the current season, players will be able to earn the Warhammer 40K faction elements of the chapter’s Captain, 2D style, and a host of customization elements.

Max Chuvalov, Global Publishing Director for World of Tanks, said: “We’re excited to work with Warhammer 40K and bring this element to World of Tanks, and I’m sure players are as excited as we are! The concept is very similar to Warhammer 40K. On the battlefield, the outcome of the battle is often determined by strategy, knowing your role and how to work with your teammates to ensure victory.”

The core mechanics of Season VIII are largely the same as previous seasons. Players can earn Tank Expedition Points and progress through the progression stages by driving their Tier VI–X vehicles and performing at their best in random battles (excluding major battles). Players can also complete daily tasks and earn points by driving vehicles of any tier.


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