The White House investigated a flawed conspiracy theory involving Italy

by time news – In the last weeks of Donald Trump’s presidential term, White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, asked the Justice Department to verify the validity of some conspiratorial ideas about electoral fraud in the presidential election in November.

The Italygate conspiracy theory

Among these, figure the so-called ‘Italygate’, a theory widespread on the web in Italy, according to which Italian military and satellite tools were used to breach the software that managed the collection of election data, and move millions of votes from Trump to Joe Biden. The New York Times reports it, quoting five emails sent in December by Meadows to Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, who had taken the place of the resigning William Barr.

For the Democrat Durbin the attempt to influence the process of certifying the vote is well founded

However, all conspiracy theories proved to be unfounded. The existence of the emails was revealed by the Senate Justice Committee. “They represent proof – commented Democratic Senator Richard Durbin – of what it was the White House’s attempt to influence the voting certification process went into depth “.

“I will ask them to come collected all the evidence of Trump’s attempts to subvert the election result through the Justice Department. “According to the conspiracy theorists, including some Italian bloggers considered” well-known hoax propagators “, an Italian satellite had been used to” hack “the software of the Dominion company. confession of a former CIA agent. The hashtag #ItalyDidIt was launched on social media and became one of the most popular for a few hours.


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