There is so much mystery in “1899” that it is not clear where it is going

“1899,” Netflix

An immigrant ship sails to the USA. On its way it receives a mysterious transmitter with coordinates on the surface of the sea. It sails there and comes across another ship that belongs to the same company and disappeared four months earlier. received from the company as a result – sank the ship.

“1899” is a mystery series. The series is so mysterious that it is not clear what the hell is going on there. Even after watching two and a half episodes, nothing is deciphered and the mystery only grows. The events are mysterious, the characters are mysterious, in fact the ship itself sails mysteriously. If you look at the direction of the voyage After all, it is the opposite of the conventional ship structure – the bow faces back and the backs of the ship are at the front of the sail. The sea water is crossed in the right way, that is, opposite to the ship’s structure.

Of course, the faded photography is supposed to add to the mystery, but the swaying light and shadow play only adds to the excitement. The characters are sad, the tragic personal dramas are unclear, but abundantly distributed in every way – everyone is sad in “1899”. The people are sad, the ship is sad, the sea is sad – after two and a half episodes like this the strength of endurance is failing. I turned off the TV, cried a little in bed and fell asleep. Still trying to recover.

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see or give up: You won’t get to 1900 with this rocking 1899. not see


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