This is what you must do so that the time change does not affect you

This is what you must do so that the time change does not affect you

The dawn of this Saturday to Sunday arrives the moment in which we have to advance our clocks one. At 2:00 will be 3:00so we will sleep an hour less than normal.

In exchange for this hour of less sleep, the advantage will be that this Sunday we will see how night falls later. But there are people who can notice the change negatively.

Sleep expert James Wilson told the Mirror that if we prepare, we can minimize the effect of the time change. The first thing we must do is “accept that there will be a change and some disturbance in our sleep”.

Afterwards, it is important to go to bed relaxed. “You need to feel cooler to fall asleep. You need to lower your heart rate and temperature, and make sure that before you get sleepy and go to bed you are doing things that are relaxing“, dice Wilson.

If you can help it, you should avoid setting an alarm on Sunday and let your body get the amount of sleep it needs. James Wilson added: “I would suggest that on Sunday morning, sleep as long as you want.”

On Sunday and Monday mornings, James recommends seeking “plenty of daylight” for “help reset the biological clock”. This also “helps your body understand that it’s morning now.”

He added: “And as I say, don’t rush to bed and get plenty of natural light early and your body will start to adjust after a couple of days.”


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