TRE archives investigation of boy who cheated on ballot box in presidential election – Capital

TRE archives investigation of boy who cheated on ballot box in presidential election – Capital

2023-07-01 17:34:00

For Justice, there is no just cause to initiate action against the boy who acted for not “supporting polarization”

Gabriel during a custody hearing, in October 2022 (Photo: Direto das Ruas)

The TRE-MS (Regional Electoral Court of Mato Grosso do Sul) ordered the shelving of the police inquiry into the case of the young man who passed glue on an urn during the elections, in October 2022.

The device was replaced by the TRE-MS and Gabriel Scherer da Costa, 22, was taken to the Federal Police headquarters on Sunday. After two days, he passed a custody hearing and was released. When asked by the judge about his attitude, the young man said “I can’t stand the polarization anymore”.

At the time, his lawyer, Joaquim Oliveira Neto, explained that the boy had already been treated for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), but about a year ago he had to face mourning for his father’s death, due to covid-19. 19. “The moment he used the glue on the ballot box, the boy saw himself as a superhero, he thought that by gluing the keys no one else would vote, but after he left school he saw what he had done and regretted it”, according to the lawyer.

After the filing by the 8th Electoral Zone, this week, the lawyer highlighted in a press release that there is no just cause to continue the investigation and initiate criminal action.

“There was no filing due to lack of evidence or even an acquittal, none of this, the respectable work of the Federal Police, with the agreement of the Public Ministry and the Electoral Judiciary, established that, whatever the fact that occurred and, especially its circumstances, they do not constitute sufficient elements for the initiation of judicial proceedings”, highlights the lawyer Joaquim Soares de Oliveira, in a note released by the law firm Joaquim Oliveira Neto.

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