Uruguay’s recklessness with Araujo

BarcelonaWhen Ronald Araujo was injured, he didn’t want to go through the operating room. The Barça doctors had to convince him that to treat the avulsion of the adductor longus tendon of the right thigh, the most appropriate thing was to operate, clean up and start from scratch. The problem is that there was the World Cup in the middle. In the end, the club convinced him and the Uruguayan began the recovery process, supervised by the Barcelona team. Until the Qatar date came. His national team wanted him, as he is one of the best central defenders in his country. It was obvious that he couldn’t play, but he still traveled with the team celeste to “make pineapple”. And that’s where the problems started.

The doctors of the Uruguayan national team thought that Araujo was better than they said at Barça. That he was recovering well and that, assuming the team made it far in the World Cup, they might be able to count on him. Said and done. Despite the fact that they had reached an agreement with the Blaugrana team not to force him, they changed the workloads thinking about a hypothetical round of 16 or quarter-finals. Fortunately for Barça’s interests, South Korea sprung a surprise on the last day and Uruguay were eliminated. And with that, Araujo returned home safe and sound.

“It’s clear that if they had passed, they would have forced it in an imprudent way,” they pointed out from the Barça dressing room. The club does not hide that it is hurt by the attitude of Uruguay. Not so much because of the desire to have one of his most precious pieces – which is understandable – but because, by changing his recovery plan, his health was put at risk. Even so, once Araujo has returned to Barcelona, ​​the club’s stance is to turn the page and avoid stirring up the matter further. Now it’s Dr. Ricard Pruna’s turn.

According to the first scans, Araujo is fine from the injury but is not fully recovered. Barça has set itself the goal, as long as it is medically possible, for the central defender to be able to play in the derby against Espanyol, by New Year’s Eve. At first, he will do specific training and little by little he will join the rest of his colleagues. When he had the operation, at the end of September, the calculations were that he would be out for about 10 weeks. That is, until mid-December. But with the episode experienced at the World Cup, caution is required from Barça: first we need to see how he responds to the individual sessions and then a decision will be made.

Sergi Roberto receives medical discharge

On the other hand, the one who has already received the medical discharge is Sergi Roberto. The Reus player, who dislocated his left shoulder in the league match against Athletic, returned to training this Monday. The second Barcelona captain has almost a month to get in shape before the derby against Espanyol.


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