US police officers charged with manslaughter in Nichols case

US police officers charged with manslaughter in Nichols case

Nf a young man died after a traffic stop, five police officers in the United States were charged with manslaughter on Thursday. Officials stopped the 29-year-old black man on January 7 in Memphis, Tennessee, for “reckless driving.” When the five officers, who were also black, approached the vehicle, an argument broke out, according to the police.

The suspect fled on foot. In the course of the arrest, a “further argument” ensued. The young man was taken to the hospital “in critical condition” and died there three days later, according to his family’s lawyers.

The officers were initially routinely released to investigate the case. However, on Thursday, Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy announced that they would each be charged with manslaughter, aggravated assault, kidnapping and misconduct.

“Your actions led to the death of Tire Nichols and you are all responsible for it,” Mulroy said during a Thursday news conference. Memphis Police Commissioner Cerelyn Davis also said officers were directly responsible for Nichols’ “physical abuse.” The five officers belonged to a unit that patrols high crime areas.

A video of the arrest should be released on Friday evening, showing the process “from start to finish”. According to Police Commissioner Davis, it shows how “despicable, inconsiderate and inhumane” the act was. In an attempt to prevent protests in Memphis and other cities, law enforcement agencies have been promising a conscientious investigation for days.

At a memorial service on Thursday, the victim’s mother, RowVaughn Wells, called for peace to remain after the video was released. “I don’t want us to set fire to our town.” Tire Nichols didn’t stand for something like that.

US President Joe Biden has spoken to the mother and stepfather of the dead man. Biden “personally” offered them his condolences and those of his wife on Friday and praised the “courage and strength” of the family.


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