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US President Joe Biden’s administration and its allies are considering new tough sanctions against Russia if it invades Ukraine. Among other things, the Russian Federation can be included in the list of states that are subject to the most stringent export restrictions. These are countries such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria, Western media reported on Sunday, January 9, citing informed sources.

In this case, the ban will be the export of electronics to Russia, including consumer electronics, software and technology. “This will deal a blow to Russia’s high-tech ambitions, such as artificial intelligence or quantum computing,” the AP news agency reported.

In turn, Reuters notes that in the event of such sanctions, not only electronics and software produced directly in the United States, but also products from other countries, in the creation of which largely used American technologies, will be banned.

Armament of “Ukrainian partisans”

Meanwhile, The New York Times (NYT) reported that the White House is considering arming “Ukrainian guerrillas” who will “fight the occupation” should Russian troops invade Ukraine. At the same time, all sources note that no decisions have yet been made, and the United States and its allies in Europe still hope that the crisis will be overcome and Russia will not launch a military operation against Ukraine.

Bloomberg notes that the Biden administration is tightening its tone ahead of upcoming weekly talks with Russia on security issues in Europe.

Since the fall of 2021, Western and Ukrainian sources have reported that Russia is carrying out a massive transfer of troops and military equipment to the border with Ukraine. In their opinion, this could be preparation for an invasion. The Russian authorities categorically deny plans for a military operation on Ukrainian territory and, in turn, accuse the West of arming Ukraine and conducting exercises near Russian borders. The Kremlin also demands from NATO guarantees that Ukraine will not be admitted to the North Atlantic alliance.

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