Vaccine: Putin against the EU: “Does he defend the interests of individuals or companies?”

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(source Lapresse) Vladimir Putin

Following the statements of the EU commissioner Thierry breton, the Russian president Vladimir Putin he said he was surprised. The European commissioner in charge of the vaccination campaign said that the European Union “will absolutely not need the Russian Sputnik vaccine” and that indeed “we will help Russia if it needs it”. To these words, the head of the Kremlin replied during a meeting dedicated to the immunization campaign: “It is surprising that one of the officials of the European Commission said that the EU does not need dello Sputnik V, this is a strange statement: we are not imposing anything on anyone “.

Putin also pointed out that many in Europe are unaware that Russia has long since submitted an application for official registration with the EMA. “We presented it on January 21, 2021 and it was only on March 4 that the decision to start the evaluation came “, he stressed,” In this regard, do you know what I tell you? We do not impose anything on anyone, but when we hear such statements the doubt arises: these people represent and defend the interests of whom? Those of some pharmaceutical companies or citizens of European countries? “. Breton finally reiterated that the EMA has approved four vaccines against Covid-19 and that therefore Europe will not need the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. “May God be with him”, Putin commented, “they do what they see fit and to achieve their goals”.

Relations between Russia and the EU

Meanwhile, the EU has admitted that relations with Russia have reached a “minimum point” and that there are currently “disagreements in many areas” between the two. These are the words of the President of the European Council Charles Michel during the phone call with the Russian president, the context in which the case was raised Alexey Navalny: Michel has once again asked the Russian authorities to release him and investigate “in a transparent way” about the assassination attempt he suffered.

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