Varese, the car squeezes and rams the cyclist until he falls: the absurd video of the accident

a cyclist 48-year-old ended up in hospital, fortunately without serious injuries, after being rammed by a car. The accident was recorded live by the onboard camera of the car that was approaching from behind. The incident happened on Sunday September 12 a Malnate, in the province of Varese, on an extra-urban road.

A large sedan passes the cyclists arranged in single file, passes a first, passes a second and, when the third passes, it returns from overtaking very early, so much so as to suggest a voluntary gesture, ending up squeezing the cyclist between the car and the retaining wall that delimits the road. Then the impact: the rear of the car hits the front wheel of the bicycle causing the sportsman to fall to the ground. From the video uploaded to the network and circulated on chat and social profiles we see the sedan moving away from the accident site, apparently, therefore, it would not have given help.

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