Want to get a flat panel? Inventory Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Surface Pro 9, iPad Pro, who is the most suitable productivity tool for you?

Regarding the selection of the tablet, there is already a lot of information on the electric otter official website, except for the new member who joined a while ago iPad seriesthere are five affordable android tabletHowever, regarding the tablet, since the panel technology has improved, many people have considered replacing the digital version with a tablet that supports pen pressure sensing. Therefore, the editor not only helped everyone sort out the cheap tablet that supports the stylus, but also this time. Let me help you sort out a tablet that is suitable for electronic painting but also has overall practicality for daily use~

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Let me help you review the five points of choosing a tablet first:Operating System, Requirements, Sizes, Specifications, PricesIf you want to choose a suitable electronic drawing, you must consider the performance part, and whether the product is compatible with the software you are used to. Of course, other factors such as hand feel and screen presentation are also required. There are many things to consider. I can only recommend it based on the specifications that I value, not experience or evaluation experience. You can read other reference materials before placing an order.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series

📝 Common drawing software: PENUP, Clip Studio
📝 Preloaded operating system: Android 12

First of all, let’s take a look at the king of mobile tactics, Samsung’s mobile king: Galaxy Tab S8 series, are you familiar with this naming principle? That’s right, it is similar to Samsung’s flagship phone. These two tablets It’s Samsung’s flagship tablet. The flagship tablet is of course the flagship of everything. The three models of the Galaxy Tab S8 series can be considered as homework tablets. The biggest difference is also in size. Among them, the biggest advantage of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is that compared with other brands of tablets, it There are bigger screens. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has a 14.6-inch screen, which can be regarded as the size of a laptop screen, but the thickness is only 5.5 mm, and the weight does not exceed 1 kg. Of course, it is a bit inconvenient to carry around, but if you use it for drawing, you You can enjoy a larger field of view, and you should be able to reduce the number of zoom-in and zoom-out operations. As for the large and thin device, will it be very durable? The body of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is made of aluminum alloy, so you don’t have to worry too much if you really want to take it out. As for the Galaxy Tab S8 of the same series, it has an 11-inch screen, while the Galaxy Tab S8+ has a 12.4-inch screen. , the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is only available in black and gray, while the Galaxy Tab S8/S8+ is available in a pink mist gold

Want to get a flat panel? Inventory Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Surface Pro 9, iPad Pro, who is the most suitable productivity tool for you?

In terms of screen specifications, the Galaxy Tab S8 series is very good overall, but it should be noted that the Galaxy Tab S8 uses a WQXGA screen plus an LTPS TFT panel, while the Galaxy Tab S8+/S8 Ultra uses a higher-end SuperAMOLED screen technology. Among them, the best picture effect is the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with a resolution of 2960×1848 and a pixel density of 239 ppi. The detail and display effect are excellent.Speaking of software, the operating systems of the three are pre-loaded with Android 12. In addition to Samsung’s own built-in PENUP for drawing software, you can also subscribe to the more professional Clip Studio from the Samsung store (now you can also try it for half a year for free), plus The additional tool S Pen has been launched for ten years since it was launched in 2011. The pressure sensitivity level of the second-generation S Pen is as high as 4096. The diameter of the pen tip is 0.7mm, which is sensitive and accurate. Charge more

Want to get a flat panel? Inventory Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Surface Pro 9, iPad Pro, who is the most suitable productivity tool for you?

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💰 Galaxy Tab S8+ price

8+128GB: NT$20,990 (Wi-Fi version)
8+128GB: NT$27,990 (LTE version)

💰 Galaxy Tab S8+ price

8+128GB: NT$26,990 (Wi-Fi version)
8+128GB: NT$33,990 (LTE version)

💰 Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra price

12+256GB: NT$42,990 (Wi-Fi version only)

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 2-in-1 Laptop

📝 Common drawing software: Adobe Fresco, Clip Studio, SAI
📝 Preloaded OS: Windows 11 Home Edition

Surface Pro 9, launched last year, is one of Microsoft’s most classic Surface products. The latest version has more color options, including sapphire blue, forest green, platinum, and graphite. There are also two processors to choose from. They are the Wi-Fi version equipped with the 12th generation Intel processor and the LTE 5G version equipped with the Microsoft SQ 3 processor. This tablet features a two-in-one design, allowing you to easily switch between the laptop and the tablet. The most special thing is that its preloaded operating system is of course Microsoft’s own Windows operating system. If you have been accustomed to operating with Windows system, you can consider this tablet. The body is also made of aluminum, and the weight is 879 grams. The heavier one among the players

Want to get a flat panel? Inventory Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Surface Pro 9, iPad Pro, who is the most suitable productivity tool for you?

Speaking of the screen, Surface Pro 9 uses a 13-inch PixelSense touch screen with extremely narrow borders, supports 120Hz screen refresh rate and sRGB wide color gamut, the screen resolution reaches 2880×1920, and the pixel density is 267 ppi. Experience, unfortunately, the brightness is slightly lower and only supports 450 nits, and the contrast ratio is 1200:1. In addition, the weight is not popular, and people who need to use it outdoors may struggle. Finally, it supports Surface Pro 9. The stylus Surface Slim Pen 2 has a pressure sensitivity level of 4096. It can also be stored in the keyboard for wireless charging. However, the pen body adopts a flat design. The advantage is that it is not easy to roll off the table, but the disadvantage is that if you are not used to holding a flat pen people, will not get started

Want to get a flat panel? Inventory Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Surface Pro 9, iPad Pro, who is the most suitable productivity tool for you?

The starting price of Surface Pro 9 is NT$29,888, but because Surface Pro 9 has so many specifications that it is like choosing a laptop, in addition to being equipped with Intel’s 12th generation i5 processor, the memory and storage space are basically configured with 8+128GB. In addition to this model, there is also an LTE 5G version equipped with a Microsoft SQ 3 processor, as well as different configurations of memory and storage space to choose from. In addition, accessories must be added separately, and the price part may also exceed 70,000 yuan. Repeat one by one

(Image Source:Microsoft

Just Love Apple iPad Pro (M2)

📝 Common drawing software: Procreate, Adobe Fresco, Clip Studio
📝 Preloaded operating system: macOS

Finally, there is the iPad series that many people in the industry will choose. The iPad Pro is available in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes. The prices start at NT$27,900 and NT$37,900 respectively. The processor uses the same M2 chip as your own computer. As a productivity tool, it is very suitable for professional design or video workers. The 11-inch iPad Pro uses a Liquid Retina display that supports wide color gamut display (P3), original Color display and adaptive screen update rate, up to 120Hz. In addition, the 12.9-inch version of the iPad Pro is a step up. In addition to the maximum brightness of 1,600 nits (only for HDR content), the contrast ratio reaches 1,000,000: 1. In addition, the Liquid Retina XDR screen using mini-LED backlight multi-touch technology can more accurately present the effect of zoned light control, and the performance in color display will be better, brighter and smoother

Want to get a flat panel? Inventory Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Surface Pro 9, iPad Pro, who is the most suitable productivity tool for you?

Another advantage of the M2 iPad Pro is that the storage space can be selected up to 2TB. It is worth considering if there are a lot of files and people who are too lazy to organize them. But one thing to note is that because the iPad Pro runs the iPadOS operating system, some software may not be available, such as SAI cannot support it, but in recent years, there are more and more apps for iOS. People who are willing to learn new interfaces and new software can still consider it. In addition, the second generation of Apple Pencil also supports the new “suspension function”. , this function allows your Apple Pencil to be detected at a distance of 1.2cm above the screen, so that users can preview before writing, and can draw more accurately. The price list of iPad Pro is attached below for your reference

Want to get a flat panel? Inventory Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Surface Pro 9, iPad Pro, who is the most suitable productivity tool for you?

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💰 iPad Pro 12.9-inch【Wi-Fi version】


💰 iPad Pro 12.9-inch 【LTE version】


💰 iPad Pro 11-inch【Wi-Fi version】


💰 iPad Pro 11-inch 【LTE version】



In addition to being a good partner for watching dramas at home, more and more people now use tablets as a productivity tool. Compared with computers, they are lighter and more portable. They are very popular among freelancers who like to work in coffee shops. In recent years As the performance of notebooks is getting better and better, but they are getting thinner and thinner, and the accessories and software of tablets are becoming more and more perfect. The difference between the two is gradually narrowing. If you want to enter the world of electronic graphics, Welcome to buy a portable tablet first!


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