«We know the player she is. “She and the team were clear about the game plan.”

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2023-12-05 23:25:33

Montse Tomé breathes easier after the week that has passed. At half-time, Spain was down 1-3 and Aitana Bonmatí was still on the bench. But at the end of the ninety minutes, the team had put together a spectacular comeback to win 5-3 and the Ballon d’Or had played a fundamental role in the great second half for the Spanish team.

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The coach had an argument with Aitana on Friday that left the team one less at the beginning of the second half against Italy. She agreed that one of the captains should not continue playing. But against Sweden, almost everything went according to their game plan. Regarding the substitution of the Barcelona midfielder, the Asturian has maintained that “the idea was to have the ability to change the dynamics of the match.” «We know what a player Aitana is. “She and her teammates were clear about the game plan and they have been able to execute it well,” she said.

The Spanish defense had a disastrous first half. However, for Tomé the team had “clear ideas” and was doing things well, “despite the three goals against” (in half an hour of play). After correcting “some little things” at halftime, this time a calmer halftime than in Pasarón, the players came out “with everything.”

The coach has had a great impact on valuing her players. “The players are the protagonists, we are here to accompany them,” to which she added her congratulations to both them and her coaching staff. And finally, she wanted to thank the Malaga fans for their help, their support and for breaking the attendance record for a women’s team match: 15,896. Although it should be noted that not even the 18,000 tickets that were put on sale were sold out, in a stadium with capacity for 30,000 spectators.

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