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In order to change European legislation, 8 countries must have requested it
The protest continues on March 31

Bulgaria and other EU member states will send a joint letter to the European Commission, with which they will request a change to the European Union regulation regarding the duty-free import of goods of agricultural origin from Ukraine.

In order to change the regulation, however, it is necessary that 8 countries have requested it.

Yavor Gechev, Acting Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stoyanov and representatives of the National Association of Grain Producers held a working meeting with the president Rumen Radev.

“What we have expressed as a country is that we want the abolition of the impossibility of applying anti-dumping mechanisms in terms of market oversaturation. The other thing that we have made as a request is that when states find that there is excessive importation, excessive accumulation of certain commodities, not only grains, the state should be able to apply deposits that, after exiting and entering other countries, including European ones, to be restored so that production can be distributed more evenly,” commented Gechev.

Protests will continue tomorrow as planned, said the chairman of the National Grain Growers Association (NOT) Kostadin Kostadinov. “Together with colleagues from other countries, we will also be together on April 7, when a general protest of all those affected is planned,” Kostadinov added.

Ukraine’s technological map for production is not up to EU standards, and this is one of the reasons why the price of production is lower, explained grain producer Krasimir Avramov. Another reason he indicated is the higher price of fertilizers in Bulgaria, BTA cites.


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