Why have Ukrainian Jews and Ukrainians been fleeing Ukraine since independence?

TRIBUNE – Are we complicit in Holocaust denial or revisionism concerning the fate of the Jews of Ukraine? To read the major media, the doubt is great. However, the demographic facts are there.

Ukrainian Jews have fled the country since independence

Jews kept fleeing Ukraine. This is a historical fact related to their permanent persecution. We will come back to it. But nothing has changed since independence in 1991. They were just under 500,000 in 1989. In 2002, they were only 100,000, a collapse of almost 80%. The Ukrainian state census counted 106,600 Jews in 2001. In 2014, there were around 70,000. At the same time, Israel recorded the migration of more than 260,000 Ukrainian Jews in the 1990s. The flight increased after the elections of 2012 for fear of nationalists. The Svoboda party won more than 10% of the votes there. This party: Pan-Ukrainian Nationalist Union, founded in 1991, was listed in 2013 as a neo-Nazi by the World Jewish Congress and identified by the Simon Wiesenthal Center among the notorious anti-Semitic and even terrorist organizations (cf: Jerusalem Post). Wouldn’t the appreciation of these largest international Jewish organizations count? Information obviously forgotten since!

As Bertrand Russell, the mathematician, said, intelligence begins with the examination of facts: ” Just facts “. So let’s stop procrastinating. The facts are there and there, fierce, stubborn and terrible. Even if some are gesticulating to say no, but yes, maybe and again…, why on earth is Ukraine emptying itself of these last Jewish nationals? It is enough however to read the instigators of the Svoboda party, these racists who want to destroy the Russians in their too Asian eyes, which the Nazis also reproached them for. They want to renew the white race, like the Nazis, and they want to purify Ukraine from marginal populations including the Jews or the Roma from the south, like the Nazis. We must study and read their founders including Andriy Parubiy, Oleh Tyahnybok and the psychiatrist Jaroslav Andrushkiw who takes the lead of the party. ” Just facts again “. Read, just read. Read as one should have read Mein Kampf and believed in it, which we did not. Misinformation begins with willful and culpable ignorance.

Ukrainian Jews Persecuted Throughout the 20th Century by Fascists and Nazis

This recent period confirms the sad ancestral anti-Semitic tradition of this region. Let us very briefly recall a few moments of this permanent genocide of Ukrainian Jews. There have been many pogroms. Staying in the 20th century, during the troubled period of the Ukrainian People’s Republic from 1917 to 1921, the archives opened in 1991 testify to nearly 100,000 people killed in the pogroms. The practices are edifying, including the burning of the synagogue by the Cossack troops in Tetiev, these Jews beheaded in Dubovo, etc. It should be remembered that in 1926, the major Ukrainian cities had large Jewish communities: 150,000 in Odessa; 140,000 in kyiv, 80,000 in Karkhov and nearly 100,000 in Lviv in the West. How many are there today? The martyrdom of the Jews of Odessa was estimated at 44,000 dead whose blood flowed on the stairs of the port glowing the Black Sea, massacred in a week between October 22 and the 1is November 1941. This time it was the Romanian fascists of the time who were in action, the brothers of Stepan Bandera in the service of the Reich. Forget it again! In all, during the Second World War, estimates vary between 900,000 and 1.2 million, or even a little more. Between 1941 and 1959, the Jewish population in Ukraine fell by almost 70%. And the persecutors were indeed the Nazis and their accomplices and local auxiliaries from the party of Stepan Bandera, the nationalist hero. ” Just a fact again ».

And Ukrainians have been fleeing this beautiful country since its independence

And this beautiful country is causing the largest population flight ever recorded in Europe in peacetime. From 1991, the year of independence, to 2022, the population fell from 52 million inhabitants to 41 million, a collapse of 20%.

Population growth in Ukraine (globaldata.com)

Who investigated this haemorrhage of population? Do the Ukrainian leaders therefore have no responsibility? By questioning Ukrainians present in France, we hear about corruption, physical violence, prostitution and sexual slavery, blackmail and persecution, of a society undermined by exactions, without hope and without rights where one must submit to feudal oligarchs. Pure fantasy no doubt, shared by a few million Ukrainians, without forgetting the economic disarray of a country incapable of distributing wealth when it abounds in it: mines, agriculture, etc. that we rediscover today.

Questions to our NATO and EU elites

Would we openly support the deportation of every last Ukrainian Jew? Yes or no ? Would we be accomplices of a political regime which leads 20% of its population to flee its country in 30 years? Yes or no ? I hear no. So there is no Ukrainian problem, no anti-Semitism, no persecution, no segregation, no nationalist Ukrainianization against other populations? No, everything is going very well in this beautiful democracy where the Jews are constantly abandoning their long histories and secular presences. No, everything is fine in this country where the population has been fleeing the country massively since independence. NATO and the EU see nothing and therefore support this general mistreatment of populations. However, all this precedes Putin. And while the Minsk agreements protected peace, these nationalists wanted the war which is now mowing down hundreds of thousands of young people without reports in hospitals, without figures from the Ukrainian state which seems competent to announce the Russian deaths that our media resume religiously, but unable to account for his involvement in the war. However, it was enough to enforce these agreements. Where will Ukraine be in 2023? Ruined, depopulated, torn, perhaps even dismembered, and how many Ukrainians, Jews or not, will still flee this hell built by the madness of these Ukro-Nazis whom we hide because they serve our interests: pathetic cynicism which will attract even more hatred around the world. Sad West which betrays day after day all that raised it.

Essayist, researcher and founder of the Institut de Recherches de Philosophie Contemporaine, Pierre-Antoine Pontoizeau has notably published works on the theory of communication, the theory of organizations, the theory of political language and the philosophy of mathematics.


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