The insurance company Faya appoints a series of executives

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The digital insurance company Faye is expanding and appoints several employees to key positions in the company. The company that deals in the field of digital travel insurance has appointed Moran Traizer to the position of VP of Growth in the company, the appointment of Lauren Gamport to the position of VP of Communications & Brand, the appointment of Doron Samish to the position of VP of Product and the appointment of Moti Babchuk to the position of VP of Operations ( VP of Operations).

In addition, the company is also expanding in the technological field, recruiting 10 open positions in the fields of finance, HR, and development.

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Moran comes to his position after about 15 years of experience in online media advertising and has extensive knowledge in building marketing and growth strategies. Before joining the company, Moran founded the marketing and growth department at Lemonade, where he led the company’s marketing efforts across many diverse channels. Prior to that, Moran worked as a marketing and growth specialist at Fiverr.

Doron is a former economist from the Ministry of Finance (treasurer boy) who was responsible for a budget of over NIS 13 billion. Since then he managed the banking services at, and launched Via’s first application in the mobility-as-a-service sector.

Moti comes to the position after 10 years of experience in accompanying and setting up hi-tech projects. Moti, who started his career as a high-tech lawyer, later founded a startup in the legal field that operated in Israel and in New York. , in his last position, before joining Faye, led the field of innovation and investments in startups of the Shikun and Binui company.

Lauren joins the company after over 10 years of experience in launching start-ups to global audiences. Lauren operated in the international markets and drove the growth of various start-ups exponentially. Prior to her work at the company, Lauren worked as the global communications manager at Guesty, where she led the brand’s technological travel platform, and worked to strengthen the brand’s presence in the various media.

“My joining the team was simple. The founders Elad Shafer and Daniel Green assembled a strong team of many talented travel insurance experts. We are excited to be part of the leading company in the development of a field that has needed innovation for a long time. Not only are we looking to establish relationships directly with the American consumer – which the US travel insurance industry does not do – we have also been able to find quick solutions in the area of ​​claims and refunds, so that our customers can receive a response quickly.” says Lauren – VP of Communications & Brand in the company.

Faye plans to double its size in the coming year, focusing on recruiting for research and development positions as well as creating partnerships with different brands in order to provide a user experience for the customer.

Faye is a digital insurance company that operates in the field of travel insurance in the US market. It was founded in 2019 by G. Elad Shafer (CEO) and Daniel Green (CTO) as an AI-based travel agency, and during the Corona virus it changed direction and became a digital travel insurance company. The platform developed by the company Used for risk assessment, real-time assistance 24/7 and answering all needs related to travel, health, and belongings – and even the passengers’ pets. The system enables the submission of digital claims and the transfer of refunds directly to the digital wallet in an efficient and fast manner.

The company has so far raised 8 million dollars in the seed round and among its prominent investors is Viola Fund, F2 Portage Ventures Fund, Global Founders Capital, Omri Caspi and other investors. The company’s base is in Tel Aviv and it has 25 employees, of which 50% are women.

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