Yangtze’s disaster fashion

Yangtze’s disaster fashion

2023-06-04 08:46:00

Many images of Yangtze are considered forced. Besides, the way she chose the outfit made her reveal some body defects.

Duong Tu-Hinh-2

According to Sohu, Yangtze’s style is compared to a “roller coaster”, whose performance fluctuates up and down. Sometimes, the actress’s appearance is complimented. However, some shapes were commented as strange and poor. Chinese netizens said that Yangzi’s unattractive look was due to his clothes and makeup. Photo: Sohu.

Duong Tu-Hinh-3's flower fashion

There is information that recently, Duong Tu has changed the styling team. However, this does not help the actress’s appearance more impressive. Appearing on the red carpet of the Bazaar Icons 2023 event, Duong Tu was criticized for being less sharp, looking older with smokey eyes and brown orange lipstick. The makeup style that made the actress’s shape was considered by some to be a “catastrophe”. Photo: Weibo, Sina.

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On the other hand, her appearance is not appreciated when wearing off-the-shoulder dresses. Sohu commented that the design revealed flaws on Yangtze’s body. The off-the-shoulder models make the actress look shorter. Photo: Sina.

Duong Tu-Hinh-5

In times of wearing off-shoulder dresses, Duong Tu often buns or ties her hair high to show off her slim shoulders. However, this did not help her receive praise from the Chinese audience. Many people think that the hairstyle makes the face of the actor born in 1992 more round. Photo: Sohu.

Duong Tu-Hinh-6's flower fashion

Duong Tu-Hinh-7's flower fashion

One of the costumes that make Yangtze’s image unappreciated is the floral dress. The design caused her to be commented on as having “no fashion acumen”. On the other hand, the image of the actress when wearing a baby flower dress brings a simple and rustic feeling. The way jewelry and dresses do not help much for the overall outfit. Photo: 163, Sohu.

Duong Tu-Hinh-8

During many years of working in the entertainment industry, Duong Tu has tried to make a breakthrough. She wears a square-neck dress, wears a classic or stylized black dress. Some designs are commended. But most are considered old and forced. Photo: Sohu.

Duong Tu-Hinh-9's flower fashion

Stylist and crew is one of the reasons why Yangtze’s style is not appreciated. Besides, the beauty of the actress is difficult to coordinate harmoniously with dresses with outstanding colors, bulky shapes and complex motifs. Photo: Weibo.

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