Zullo (Fdi), ‘fundamental early diagnosis for primary biliary cholangitis’

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2023-09-19 15:02:06

“Unlike many other rare pathologies, primary biliary cholangitis can be adequately kept under control through the therapies available today. Therefore, an early diagnosis appears necessary to allow timely management. To this end, close collaboration between the various specialists – starting with general practitioners – without neglecting the important contribution that can be offered by the relevant patient associations”. Senator Ignazio Zullo (Fdi) of the X Social Affairs Commission said this. speaking at the press conference in the Nassirya room of the Senate during which ‘Primary biliary cholangitis (Pbc) was presented. Italian best practices: the story of the protagonists’, a volume that recounts the individual territorial experiences carried out in the management of the pathology which in Italy affects around 20 thousand people, in particular women between 40 and 60 years old.

“We must move from the treatment phase to the phase of preventive medicine, early diagnosis, health promotion, but also predictive medicine – added Zullo – Let’s take the example of the test for detecting and measuring anti-mitochondrial antibodies (Ama)”, which can be requested as a diagnostic support for primary biliary cholangitis: “It is a laboratory test that is very easy to follow. However, not all doctors know the importance of this test and what further information needs to be carried out field when the reference values ​​of anti-mitochondrial antibodies exceed the limits”.

The task of the institutions, according to Zullo, “is to stand alongside and improve the work of those who work in the field, therefore science, and to support patients who suffer, understand what their needs are and respond with the best practices”. Therefore, “adopt those measures that tend to improve the efficiency of the National Health Service and the quality of spending, because very often it is spent inappropriately. Let me give an example: if Pbc is not treated early, the pathology leads to transplantation which however has a fee”. Instead, “early treatment – the senator remarked – in addition to saving a person, allows us to save money. This is an example of how we should reform and restructure our National Health Service”.

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