A kg of rice Rs.335, a kg of apple Rs. 340 : Unprecedented price rise in Pakistan… People are suffering!!

Islamabad: Following Sri Lanka, Pakistan has also faced many hardships as the prices of essential commodities have increased manifold. There is a severe economic crisis in Pakistan. More than 1,800 people lost their lives due to floods in the country last year. About 20 lakh houses were lost. In this environment, the people of the country are in a miserable condition due to issues like economic crisis and price rise. The prices of bread, milk products and wheat which people use daily have increased manifold.

The price of a kg of rice has increased from Rs.70 to Rs.335. And the price of fruits has also increased dramatically. The price of sweet orange is Rs.440 per dozen, oranges are Rs.400 per dozen and banana is Rs.300 per dozen. Pomegranate fruit is Rs.440 per kg, Iranian apple is Rs.340 per kg, guava fruit is Rs.350 per kg, and strawberry fruit is Rs.280 per kg. Similarly, meat prices have also increased. The price of meat has gone up to Rs.1,000 from Rs.700 per kg earlier. The price of mutton has also increased from Rs.1,400 to Rs.1,800. Along with inflation and economic crisis, power generation in Pakistan was also affected by floods in June 2022. Due to the impact on the energy sector, there is also a shortage of fuel. The country is also suffering from shortage of foreign exchange reserves. Pakistan has sought loans from organizations including the United States, Saudi Arabia and the International Monetary Fund to recover from the economic crisis. For this, a debt management plan called CDMP was formulated and sent to the International Monetary Fund. But it is said that the organization that examined it rejected the plan without accepting it.


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