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Two small children and a woman: one has his face half hidden by the sand, he is wearing a onesie of those that carry the little ones more or less up to a year of life; another has bare feet and seems to be resting on the sand; the third photo portrays a woman. These are the shocking photos published on Twitter by Oscar Camps, one of the founders of Open Arms, the Spanish NGO that operates in the Mediterranean providing relief to migrants. «They are still in shock from the horror of the situation, small children and women who only had dreams and ambitions of life – he writes – They were abandoned on a beach, Zuwara in Libya for more than 3 days. Nobody cares about them. ‘

It is unclear when these bodies arrived on Zuwara Beach and it is not even confirmed if they have been removed or are still there.. However, the hypothesis is that they are victims of the latest shipwreck which IOM, the International Organization of Migrants, confirmed in recent days: about fifty missing, 33 survivors who said that on that boat that left Zuwara on the night between 18 and 19 May, there were about ninety, among them many women and children.

Sunday Alarm Phone reported another distress: “We haven’t been able to reconnect with the 95 people in need. The last contact was 15 hours ago. But we know the boat is still at sea: First Brother and Sea Loyaltyála merchant ships are monitoring. We fear an illegal return to Libya ». And while we await confirmation on the dynamics of this umpteenth tragedy, it should be noted that departures have increased in recent weeks. Between last January and April, illegal crossings along this route doubled compared to the same period last year, to reach 11,600, an increase of 157% compared to the 2020 figure. For the month of April alone, arrivals are 1,500 states. Just a month ago, a shipwreck cost the lives of 130 people.

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