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SPOLTORE. Help for families with children and also for women who are about to have a baby and are in difficulty. These are the purposes of the aid that will be disbursed, in the wake of the “Regional Plan for the 2020 family”, to residents in the municipalities of Brittoli, Cappelle sul Tavo, Catignano, Cepagatti, Città Sant’Angelo, Civitaquana, Elice, Moscufo, Nocciano, Pianella, Rosciano and Spoltore.
The details of the intervention are contained in the public notice of the Municipality of Spoltore, as leader of the social district area number 16 “Metropolitano” which includes the 12 centers. It will be possible to access two different benefits, the notice specifies, namely service vouchers or supply vouchers, both of the amount of 250 euros, for each child up to three years old, in the form of reimbursement of expenses already incurred.
For the service vouchers, a total of 11,133 euros are available, for a total of 45 vouchers, which must be used to encourage the use by families of early childhood services, to access the toy library (from 6 to 36 months) and supplementary services to the nursery (i.e. children’s area and Center for children and families).
For supply vouchers, the disbursable sums are equal to 10,722 euros, for a total of 43 vouchers for basic necessities for children (up to three years) and for pregnant women in difficulty and single mothers in situations of hardship (by state of poverty or isolation), to face the first expenses for the unborn child, the warning always says.
These actions have the general objective of “promoting and guaranteeing the well-being and development of minors, support for the educational role of parents and the reconciliation of work and care temples”. It also aims to “support and promote the birth rate through forms of facilitation for the use of early childhood services and basic necessities for the child or the pregnant mother”.
The number of vouchers for each municipality has already been established (based on the number of children aged between zero and three years) and is reported in the notice, but there is the possibility of redistribution in case of lack of beneficiaries in some centers.
The support is aimed at women but more generally the recipients are families with ordinary Isee not exceeding eight thousand euros who have one or more minors between the ages of 0 and 3, while the supply vouchers will also go to pregnant women. A prerequisite is residence in one of the municipalities in the Social District Scope.
To determine the order of priority for admission to the benefit, applications will be sorted in descending order based on the value of the ISEE and it is specified that applications can only be made for one type of voucher. The disbursement will take place in a single solution and against expenses that must be documented through invoices or tax receipts or equivalent documents. The form for submitting the application is online and the deadline for submitting the application to the Municipality of Spoltore is 10 August, after which we will proceed with the evaluation of the applications and the formation of two rankings, one for each type of voucher.


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