An 18,000-year-old “Origin of the World” discovered in the Gard

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Preventive archeology excavations carried out by Inrap at Bellegarde (Gard). Remi Benali/Inrap

NARRATIVE – Archaeologists have discovered in the Gard unique engravings on limestone slabs, including a primitive representation of the female sex as well as profiles of horses.

Did the paragons of virtue of the time blush? No one can testify but it is the representation of a female sex engraved on a stone about 18,000 years ago that the archaeologists of Inrap identified. If this is not the origin of the world… we are getting closer!

Discovered during an excavation carried out in 2016, prior to the expansion of a final waste landfill center of Suez Environnement in Bellegarde (Gard), equidistant from Nîmes and Arles, this engraving is made on a piece of sandstone limestone. No bigger than the palm of a hand, it was presented on Thursday March 30 to a handful of journalists in Nîmes. Also, to guess the representation of a vulva, one needs the eye and the seasoned knowledge of an archaeologist.

« For us archaeologists, there is no doubt. This vulva is, in its representation, consistent with those known from that time. On the other hand, it is exceptional because you can see on the sides the departure of…

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