Aryeh Deri: “The law says unequivocally that I can serve as minister”

Aryeh Deri: “The law says unequivocally that I can serve as minister”

Ben Caspit and Aryeh Deri (photo by Hadas Proosh and Olivier Pitosi, Flash 90)

Aryeh Deri was interviewed for the program Meet the Press with Ben Caspit and Amit Segal. As I recall, Deri filed a libel suit against Caspith for calling him a “convicted criminal” and accusing him of being responsible for the Miron disaster. The issue did not come up in the program, but other burning issues did.

Already at the beginning of the interview we were asked about sitting with Binyamin Netanyahu and the Likud or if there are other alternatives as Moshe Gafni and Yitzhak Goldknopf hinted. “I say in God we will bring at least 61. I don’t want to talk theoretically. I’m in the middle of the campaign,” claimed Deri. “We work very hard, the block of days is very cohesive and tight, no voice is lost. We must not be indifferent.”

On the question of training Itamar Ben Gabir, with whom he has an overall disagreement regarding the ascent to the Temple Mount, he said “I have differences of opinion with Ben Gabir, I promise that we will know how to act together. What you see in the chair from there, you see it differently, there is responsibility, you see things.”

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When Deri was asked about the taxes on disposable dishes and sugary drinks, Deri’s anger rose and he decided to attack Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman. “It’s a surprise that Lieberman is suddenly a supporter of environmental quality and obesity,” Deri scolded the Minister of Finance. “These cuts of the one-time tax (tools) and sugary drinks, I’ve been in the political game for thirty years and there hasn’t been a year when the Treasury officials didn’t bring it and throw it away.”

Towards the end of the interview Deri Amit Segal said to Deri – “There is a very reasonable chance that you will not be a minister because it will be decided to defame you” – a reminder of his second conviction for tax offenses. At first Aryeh Deri flattered the members of the Knesset on behalf of the Shas and claimed that they deserved to be ministers in the government, but immediately afterwards he changed his mind. “The law in Israel says unequivocally that I can serve as a minister… the Supreme Court must judge according to the law.”

At this point, an interesting discussion began between the three. Segal: “If Aryeh Deri and Binyamin Netanyahu and Smotrich and Ben Gvir form the next government” and here Deri interrupted him and said “there will be a superseding clause” referring to the fact that they will bypass the High Court. Caspit responded “the test of reasonableness will be canceled” and Deri confirmed “Obviously”.

“If the High Court of Justice rejects your appointments, you will overcome this and appoint you as a minister,” Segal concluded from Deri’s words. “There are no things that we will do contrary to the High Court…” said Deri and immediately contradicted himself. “The High Court will annul the law and it will be the overriding clause that the Knesset will enact with a majority of 61.”

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