Beckham teaches Messi how to be even richer

Beckham teaches Messi how to be even richer

2023-06-09 09:23:25

It is evident that, at least for the next two or three weeks, the preferred topic of debate, of speculation, in the Barcelona and soccer environment of Barcelonait will still be why Leo Messi He has refused to return to Barça. It is evident that this first premise is absolutely false: ‘The flea’ He has not been able to reject any offer, with face and eyes, with written documents, because he has never had it on the table, contrary to what his future coach (and friend) declared. Xavi Hernandezwhen he repeated that “everything depends, 99%, on Leo.”

As much as many are reluctant to admit it, Messi, who already treasures an uncountable fortune (or almost), has not made his decision for economic reasons, since if the priority, as his detractors say, had been money, he would have signed for the Arab sheikhs, who offered him more than anyone else, in money and extras, although, as we will comment in the next paragraphs, the offer of the Miami Inter it is, in the long run, very splendid.

the real reason

Thus, the explanations and/or justifications that Messi offered in the interview shared by the sports newspapers are perfectly credible and sincere. ‘Sport’ y ‘Sports world’, regarding the terrible memory and pain that he experienced two years ago when Joan Laporta ‘fired’ him from Barça. Also the little credibility that, in front of his family, Joan Laporta and his board have. There are those who are inclined to recognize that the real reason is that Messi did not want to bear the responsibility for the possible layoffs that have already occurred and are occurring, day by day, both in the squad and among the club’s employees, the reduction of budgets and the “juggling”, said ‘La Pulga’, which, presumably, many colleagues will have to do with their payrolls, when they are significantly reduced to make room for their immense, not scandalous, salary (there was talk of 25 million euros per year or, what is the same, one euro more than what you charge Robert Lewandowski). “None of all this wanted me to become a heavy backpack and very unfair to me,” said the best player in the world.

It is evident that the offer David Beckham, to which Messi came to say, in 2018, “when you have an opportunity, make me an offer”, ended up being the winner due to a very balanced mix of favorable conditions. The leading power in the world, the country where sport forms the daily life of its inhabitants and is, yes, a real spectacle, a specialty that is growing (world power in women’s football), a prodigious city, a standard of living extraordinary (with money, of course, with a lot of money), Florida, a paradise, a very large chip, without being the fortune of Saudi Arabia or the salary of PSG, and some extras on benefits, expenses generated by his mere presence and, above all, everything, the obligation that, at the time of his retirement, they will grant him, give him away or sell him one of the MLS franchises at a ridiculous price. In total, enough millions of dollars to support the various families that ‘La Pulga’ feeds.

When David Beckham left Real Madrid in 2007, Ramón Calderón, its president, said: “He’s going to Hollywood because he wants to be an actor, or whatever!”

It seems logical that the presence at the helm of Inter Miami of the popular, rich and excellent British footballer David Beckham, who, to the general surprise, left Real Madrid (“he’s going to Hollywood because he wants to be an actor or who knows!”, his president came to say with contempt Ramon Calderon), has had a lot to do with convincing Messi’s family to settle for a few years in Miami, the city where Thiago, Mateo y Cirothe children of Leo and Antonella, will be able to lead a most luxurious and exquisite life.

Mr. ‘so many percent’

Beckham left Madrid losing some 12 million dollars, on his record, but with a contract similar to the one that Messi will sign in which he was guaranteed a percentage of income depending on the number of people he brought to the stadium, what they consumed on the premises and the part proportional to the merchandising that it generated. more or less what they do Tom Cruise y Steven Spielberg with his films: both for box office. Beckham’s $6 million token at the Galaxy became $23 million at the end of the first season.

But there was an additional trick in the ‘yankee’ (calculated) adventure of David and Victoria Beckham: Los Angeles Galaxy, as Inter Miami has now done, promised to give him away or sell him at a low price one of the franchises of the MLS when ‘La Pulga’ retires.

When, in 2014, Beckham left active football, he bought, in effect, they say that for the paltry amount of 25 million dollars, Inter Miami, when, a year earlier, NYCity had cost 100; three years later, Austin FC sold for 150; in 2019, the St. Louis franchise cost $200 and Charlotte FC broke the record at $325 million. Let them know, if Beckham was sold to Inter Miami now, he would earn about 555 million dollars. It is evident that Messi knows this substantial business.

“Three years ago, Messi and Suárez already confessed to me that they would try to end their sports careers together in Miami”, Josep María Bartomeu / Former President of FC Barcelona


And that, at the moment, Inter Miami is last (15th, with 11 losses out of 16 games played) in the MLS Eastern Conference table, led by Cincinnati. Beckham’s club does not lead any classification among the many surveys that are usually done, continuously, in the MLS. He only leads the classification of the most ambitious club and, therefore, one for which enormous progression is intuited, especially with the arrival of Messi and who knows if his friend Luis Suárez, although this last operation is not easy. “Three years ago and now I can tell you, both Leo and Luis told me that they would try to finish their sports careers together in Miami,” he said last Tuesday. Joseph Maria Bartomeu to El Periódico, from the Prensa Ibérica group.

There are already those who speak in Miami and throughout the US that Messi’s arrival in a movie city, in California, in the US, will cause a tsunami of enthusiasm, media attention and an increase in spectators in ‘soccer’ much higher than that of ‘King’ Skin in it New York Cosmos and Beckham himself in Los Angeles.

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