Black Day: Two children died after being forgotten in the vehicle

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Black Day: Two children died after being forgotten in the vehicle

Black day in Bedouin society with the deaths of three children due to accidents: Today (Friday) at 15:54 a report was received at MDA’s 101 hotline in the Negev region about 2 unconscious children in a locked vehicle in Hura. MDA medics and paramedics provided resuscitation treatments And their deaths were determined at Soroka Hospital. They were preceded by a 15-year-old boy who drowned in a reservoir near the morning trough junction.

Preliminary investigation raises suspicion that the children, ages 3 and 7, family members, entered a scrap car on a street near their home in Hura (not in the backyard) were located by a passerby who rushed them to Hura junction and from there were transferred by medical staff to the hospital.

A hospital spokeswoman said: “Two 4-year-old toddlers were evacuated to a children’s hospital after they were found in a girl’s vehicle, in a critical condition, during resuscitation. Unfortunately, despite the resuscitation efforts that continued in the shock room, doctors were forced to determine their deaths.”

According to data from the organization Before Child Safety, since the beginning of 2022, 38 children have died in accidents, 13 of them from Bedouin society (6 in road accidents, 2 in drowning, 2 in a car accident, 1 in suffocation, 1 cut / stab, 1 animal injury).

Orly Silvinger, CEO of the organization Before Child Safety: “Next week we are marking Child Safety Week. It is sad to see that this year, too, the statistics have not changed and children in Bedouin society are at the highest risk of accidental death relative to all Israeli children. I call on the Israeli government to take responsibility and invest resources to promote the safety of Bedouin children through the development of safe infrastructure alongside guidance, information and the promotion of culture-adapted intervention programs. Only a combination of all these together will prevent the next disaster and change the painful statistics of unnecessary death. ”

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