BMW presents its new iX electric car

Dhis steering wheel! As if the BMW iX with its huge plastic kidney grille, the narrow LED headlights and the slippery SUV silhouette didn’t already look strange enough, a leather hexagon is emblazoned in front of the driver of the electric bearer of hope, where previously a round one always appealed. He had to drill thick boards internally, but for project manager Johann Kistler this new steering wheel is a symbol of the stubbornness that he demonstrated in the development of the upcoming competitor from Mercedes EQC, Audi e-tron and Tesla Model X.

Because just like ten years ago with the i3, the Bavarians consistently developed the iX around the electric drive. “This BMW is therefore different from all the others,” says Kistler, and so that everyone can see it, there is an unconventional, but aerodynamically optimized design for the body, a cleared, almost bare cockpit with a curved display and only half as many switches as for example in the X5 – and just the steering wheel to heckle.

Scandal, that’s what BMW wanted to do with the i3 too. When it made its debut ten years ago, it was the most consistent electric car on the market – and that was one of the reasons why it failed with customers. In addition to the crude design, it was above all the modest performance and the reduced range that the i3 was chalked up to. It was always designed for urban traffic and should not be a car for all days and tasks.

Bayern do not want to repeat this mistake. With all due respect for the debut, BMW has set the requirements higher this time: Kistler promises nothing less than the “end of restrictions” for the iX. The passengers do not have to restrict themselves, because with a length of 4.95 meters and a smooth three-meter wheelbase, there is more space on a perfectly level car floor than in an X7, for example. The driver still has to make compromises when choosing a route. With 112 kWh, the top model iX 50 is one of the largest batteries that the industry has installed so far. In the end, the data sheet shows a range of 630 kilometers. Even the iX 40 can travel 425 kilometers with its 77 kWh.

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BMW introduces electric iX

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All four wheels always take over the drive, two motors drive them. In the i40 they come to 326 and in the i50 to 532 hp, and because M GmbH is also venturing into the electric world, there will soon be an iX M60 with over 600 hp. They are all charged with up to 200 kW, so that in the best case scenario, electricity can flow for 120 kilometers within ten minutes.



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