Budaházy: The border revision must be raised at the right time

Budaházy: The border revision must be raised at the right time

2023-06-06 11:06:49

Extensive interview given he was released with a procedural pardon a month ago György Budaházy to the Hungarian Nation. In it, he made the following main findings:

  • Although he is banned from public affairs, he does not want to disappear from public life.
  • He would be ahead in his career if “all this hadn’t happened”.
  • The Molotov cocktail was a “social reaction” to Gyurcsány.
  • The Russian-Ukrainian war causes a serious loss to the dwindling European civilization,
  • but the border revision is made timely by the upsetting of the status quo by the Russians, and it must be raised at the right time.
  • According to him, he should not have gone to prison.

Budaházy – as is well known – was released from the prison in Vác a month ago. In this regard, he talked about how he is just starting to pull himself together. As he said, he does not want to disappear from public life because he has more to say. He explained this as: “he is only prohibited from public affairs”, that is, he cannot vote and cannot be a representative candidate.

The past fourteen years, he says, have “taken a toll” on his family life. His children grew up without him often, and although he was often kept at home under house arrest, they could not go on vacation for years. According to him, it would also keep him ahead in his own career if none of this happened.

Budaházy commented on the proceedings that he was held responsible for something for which he should not have gone to prison. According to him, the whole procedure was absurd. THE Katalin Novák regarding the procedural pardon granted by the President of the Republic, he stated as follows:

We have received grace, but we have not received justice.

According to him, to call him a Nazi terrorist or a fascist is mind-boggling. He said: the court itself said that they are not terrorists and are useful members of society. As he said, he would have initiated a compensation lawsuit for similar statements a long time ago if he still trusted the courts. Budaházy sees it as silly to label him with such labels anyway, since “the labels become weightless”. The same is true for the charge of terrorism in his case:

Calling terrorism for damages of a few tens of thousands of forints makes the concept lose its weight.

According to his argument Ferenc Gyurcsány under his “regime” it is meaningless to talk about such things anyway, because – as he put it – “it is conceptually impossible, in my opinion, to commit a terrorist act against a terrorist state”. According to him, it was the case that Gyurcsány continued his system in 2006 by force, and he was surprised that he provoked resistance from the people. Budaházy found that those who were shot, beaten and taken from the hospital were put on trial. According to him, this led to the social reaction that “if you like it, so do we”, and the Molotov cocktail came as well.

I’m not saying this is right in a democracy, but where was the democracy then?

– asked the rhetorical question of the convict released from prison.

On the other hand, he commented on the student protests that “it is possible to play resistance”, it is part of democracy, but the police have the authority to protect what is needed.

According to him, terrorism is when someone does not act against targets and commit a crime, but attacks people indiscriminately.

In addition, it seems contradictory in his argument that he believes that “cleaning up would be important for the police as well”, which Fidesz still owes.

Budaházy praised him Viktor Orban foreign policy as well. Among other things, he said that Hungary has become a factor in world politics. According to Orbán, he always wanted to pursue a consistent national policy, but now Hungary is starting to occupy a position that is very important in Europe. Thus, if it is possible to “save the old national Christian Europe”, then Hungary and the prime minister will have a big role to play in that.

In this war, a lot of mature, fertile men, ready to start a family, die

– answered Budaházy to a question about his assessment of the Russian-Ukrainian war. According to him, regardless of whether “we like Russian or Ukrainian politics”, this is a serious loss for the dwindling European civilization. On the whole, however, he saw that it was not a bad thing that Russia upset the status quo. “Now we have to point out, smartly, responsibly, but firmly, that unjust borders are the source of war. This is why this war broke out. And the West should settle this once and for all within its own ranks, at least in Europe,” he said. Referring to the border revision, he said:

This issue should be raised at the appropriate time.

In his view, the Russian-Ukrainian war, the upsetting of the status quo, also points to the fact that “a new, just border should be drawn by common agreement, because the current one is far from it”. Finally, he said: “we must take advantage of the new peace system” that “will emerge legally after the current turbulent times”. Bringing this up is a national radical task, and for this it is now necessary to govern very smartly, he warned.

In an interview with our newspaper, we asked President Katalin Novák about the procedural pardon granted to György Budaházy, as well as the judgment of the released prisoner. Among other things, the head of state said about this, Budaházi

not innocent. And not even a hero,

but a person convicted of a crime, as is anyone who applies for an executive pardon.

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