Chinese virus, the referent in Confcommercio Milan: “No alarm in Italy”

Francesco Wu commenting on the tensions for 2019-nCoV | Ansa – CorriereTv

“There is no alarm in Italy, we have to rest assured. Fortunately there is no psychosis, it would be unjustified: if the authorities tell us to put on masks we will, but for now it is not like that. Also in 2003, with Sars, here in Italy there were only checks at the airport “. Thus Francesco Wu, referent in Confcommercio Milano for foreign entrepreneurship and honorary president of the Italy-China Entrepreneurs Union. Is there a risk that fear could lead to less revenue for restaurateurs? “Statistically a little bit, yes, but not significantly. Also because the virus does not, to date, spread through food. All fresh products come from Europe. There is no risk of contagion “.


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