Corona in Israel: The infection coefficient continues to be above 1

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The Ministry of Health is currently publishing the Corona data – 133 patients whose condition is defined as serious. 82 respirators. A total of 8,154 died from the outbreak.

Severe patients yesterday, by age groups per 100,000:
• Aged 60 and under:
Unvaccinated – 2.1
Vaccinated without validity – 0.4
Immunized – 0.1
• Aged 60 and over:
Unvaccinated -35.9
Vaccinated without validity -1.9
Immunized -1

497 new verified yesterday (19.11).
77,042 were tested for the virus yesterday (19.11).

Vaccine status: 4,041,653 third-dose vaccinators. 5,762,411 second dose vaccinated. 6,264,180 vaccinated first course.

Photo: Yossi Aloni Flash 90


One plane with about a million vaccine doses designed for children, made by Pfizer, landed at Ben Gurion Airport this morning. The doses, which contain one third of the amount of active ingredient in the adult vaccines (10 mcg versus 30 mcg), are also stored in vials of a different color – orange, in order to avoid confusion.

The packages were supposed to land as early as last Wednesday at 18:00, but the Pfizer company postponed the delivery date. At least 5 million more vaccine doses will arrive in Israel in the coming days. The start date of the operation is this coming Tuesday, wrote Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on his Facebook page last Friday.

Bennett. Photo: Ohad Zwinberg Paul Flash 90
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