The corona, which began to spread in China’s Wuhan province at the end of 2019, has sent shockwaves around the world. This murderous corona that has claimed the lives of millions of people is once again intensifying in China like never before. Currently in the province of Jilin in northeastern China, several thousand people are being affected every day for less than two years.

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The province, which has a population of about 90 lakh, is currently locked up. A curfew has been imposed to prevent people from leaving. People in many key provinces such as Changchun, Jillin and Shanghai are alarmed by the rapid increase in corona infections. The Chinese government is taking steps to increase corona testing in the wake of the outbreak.

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A total of 255 people have been killed by corona in the past 24 hours in northeastern cities of China. In a single day, 4,194 people infected with corona have been admitted to hospital for treatment. Thus a severe curfew has been imposed in the area. Many cases of coronavirus infection have been reported.


Schools and colleges in these provinces have been closed and online classes resumed. The paralysis of Shanghai, China’s main trading city, is also at risk of a major economic crisis. It is noteworthy that a group of Chinese economists recently warned that the economic crisis would escalate if Lockdown came back.

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