Covid Germany today, “measures are not enough: lockdown is needed”

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“We need a lockdown”. In Germany the covid infections do not stop, the Omicron variant risks worsening an already dramatic situation. Calls for total closure are starting to arrive from the scientific world. “A new lockdown is the right solution,” Professor Kristian Schneider, who analyzes and processes data relating to the pandemic, tells Bild am Sonntag. “We won’t be able to avoid a general lockdown in this situation,” virologist Martin Sturmer echoes Focus.

Germany has repeatedly exceeded 60 thousand daily infections, the incidence has reached 444 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Many hospitals are unable to cope with the emergency: from Bavaria, air force flights take off to transfer patients to the intensive care units of facilities in Hamburg or in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The word lockdown, so far not present in the statements of politicians, is now starting to find space. The most eloquent, in the last few hours, was the prime minister of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann: “I do not rule out a general lockdown”, he said referring to the hypothesis of a tightening, which could take shape at the local level, with measures launched by Laender before the federal government.

The severity of the perception is also perceived by the population, judging by the results of the survey that Bild has Sonntag publishes: the current measures are inadequate for 58% of respondents, only 16% believe they are correct while 22% consider them excessive. 73% think that a lockdown will be decided before the end of the year. And, according to another question, 57% want a total closure to stop the infections.

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