Dr. Abdel-Ghani Issa Reveals Effective Weight Loss System to Reduce Liver Fat and Obesity in Just Two Weeks

Dr. Abdel-Ghani Issa Reveals Effective Weight Loss System to Reduce Liver Fat and Obesity in Just Two Weeks

2023-10-01 23:36:12
Title: Revolutionary Weight Loss System Targets Liver Fat and Obesity in Just Two Weeks, Claims Egyptian Surgeon

Subtitle: Dr. Abdel-Ghani Issa introduces a groundbreaking diet plan to combat obesity and reduce liver fat

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Al-Marsad newspaper – Renowned Egyptian surgeon, Dr. Abdel-Ghani Issa, has unveiled a miraculous weight loss system designed to eliminate liver fat and combat obesity within a mere two weeks. Utilizing a specialized diet plan, Dr. Issa claims that individuals can witness a significant reduction in their liver’s size and shed a noticeable amount of weight in a short period of time.

In a video clip shared by Dr. Abdul Ghani, he elaborated on the effectiveness of his innovative program. According to him, this system is specifically designed for those grappling with excess fat on their liver or an enlarged liver. By adhering to the program, individuals will witness a swift return of their liver to its normal size, along with the elimination of the excess fat.

Moreover, Dr. Issa emphasized the remarkable results achievable within the two-week timeframe. He stated that an ultrasound scan after this duration would demonstrate a stark contrast in the liver’s size, attesting to the success of the program.

Describing the key components of his diet system, Dr. Issa outlined the dietary guidelines which include the consumption of dairy products and their derivatives, along with a portion of lean meat, chicken, or any other source of protein, weighing between 100 to 150 grams based on an individual’s weight. Additionally, individuals are advised to consume one to two cups of natural, additive-free juices, fat-free soups, and a moderate amount of water.

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The Egyptian surgeon further suggested that incorporating an hour of daily walking into the system would yield even better weight loss results. However, Dr. Issa cautioned individuals against following the same regime for an extended period. Instead, he recommended transitioning to a moderate diet plan to sustain the weight loss achieved during the initial two weeks.

Dr. Issa emphasized that the system has been remarkably successful in treating obesity patients with fatty liver conditions. Garnering worldwide recognition, Dr. Issa’s two-week weight loss program has demonstrated drastic results in numerous individuals struggling with obesity and liver fat.

While skeptics may question the long-term sustainability of such a rapid weight loss plan, Dr. Issa’s groundbreaking approach showcases its potential as a starting point for individuals seeking a profound change in their weight and overall health.]
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