Dussehra Festival at Kulasekarapattinam Mutharamman Temple | Dussehra Festival at Kulasekarapatnam Muttharaman Temple


Kulasekaranpattinam Mutharamman temple Dussehra festival started on 26th with flag hoisting and will last for 12 days. For ten days, Muttharamma would appear at each temple and show the devotees.

On the second day of the Dussehra festival, Mutharamman Amman got up in Vishwakarmeswarar Golam on the Karpaka Vrutsha Vahanam to show the devotees. A large number of devotees participated in this and had darshan of Sami. It is believed that visiting the goddess in this temple will increase business growth.

Today, on the third day, 16 types of Sappara Bhavani abhisekam including milk, turmeric, vibhuti, honey and paneer are being performed for Ambal. After Ambal is decorated and special Deeparathan is held, at night Ambal Mutharamman will get up in Parvati Thirukolam on a bullock vehicle and stroll down the road to show the devotees.


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