F1 test: Ferrari, there is a fight for the podium. Red Bull dominates, Mercedes vulnerable

March 15, 2021 – 08:04

The first verdicts in view of the first GP on 28 March always in Bahrain: judging by the tests there is a new hierarchy. And a furious fight in the middle of the group

of Daniele Disappear

From the Bahrain lottery tests (first race on 28 March on the same circuit) a puzzle full of missing pieces emerges, among them the value of Ferrari: the third time of Carlos Sainz is not enough to clarify. Red Bull a step ahead of both or even two: the grown car, the Honda engine as well, and the entry of Sergio Perez in place of the unripe Alex Albon added profession and appetite. And also record-breaking reliability. Max Verstappen brakes: We are not the favorites. For the Dutchman he finished the last day in the lead – like the first – taking the rookie Yuki Tsunoda of the AlphaTauri behind the wheel, pushed by the same Japanese power unit. In the past, the Milton Keynes team, last year for example, had started with bellicose proclamations to end up asphalted by Mercedes. But this year looks different, even Lewis Hamilton was impressed: the speed of some opponents was impressive, the Red Bull particularly strong. They look very different: they have a great car and a great couple of drivers. Verstappen was the winner of the last GP of 2020, in Abu Dhabi.

March 15, 2021 | 08:04

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